Amanda, the love panda (maxlavigne) wrote in bad_service,
Amanda, the love panda

Bad service is getting no service at all

On July 14th I was having an early birthday lunch with my Grandparents in Ocean City. We drove separately so I left a few minutes before them. About a mile down the road my front left tire goes flat. They pull up behind me and wait with me while a guy from Exxon comes to fix it. He gets there and changes the tire in about 20 minutes, yay awesome service Mr. Exxon Man. He tells me I should only go about 50 miles on the spare and that I actually need 4 new tires. Well, there goes my birthday money!

We decided to go BJ's in Millsboro, DE. My Grandparents followed me in case something else happened, they're awesome. I get there and the guy behind the desk is with someone else so I wait. At this time it's around 5:00. I look at the hours and they're open until 7. Around 5:15 it's finally my turn and I tell him I need 4 tires. He then tells me he gave the last service appointment to the man in front of me. Apparently there's 1 tech left for the day and he's their slowest so it will take him until 7 to finish the guy in front of me. I was seriously about to cry, as dumb as it sounds. So I ask how about just 2 tires. No dice. I tell him I'm driving on a spare and I don't know how much further I should go on it, maybe 20 miles. He gets a weird look on his face and tells me that as long as I don't go 70 miles an hour I should be fine. How far I can or cannot go on this spare tire is not the freaking point. At this point I'm expecting my Grandma to rip into him because there's no way it should take that long but she doesn't. She'll scream at Apple to replace a broken iPod but not to get me new tires? Help me, Grandma! Lol, anyway.

From where we were, I live over 40 miles away. By the time I got back there, no place would be open. I also work over 40 miles from my house and I had to work the next day. I need tires NOW. There's another place down the road but I was sure they close early but I ran to the car to get my phone anyway. I call, and thank God, they close at 6. I ask if they had time to do 4 tires and they told me if I showed up at 5:58 they would still do them. I went over there and they were done in about 20 or so minutes. So thank you for saving me Gulabs Tires!

They were shocked that it would take someone 2 hours to change some tires. I really feel that if you have a tech that slow that you're turning away business he should be retrained or let go.

ETA: He was the only car in front of me and was getting 4 tires replaced.
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