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Collections Questions

This is posted for a friend of mine with permission. She doesn't have a journal here and is at her wits end.

Back in December of last year, my friend and her husband signed up for one of those weird magazine programs. She said she felt bullied into it, as they would not stop calling, and was at one point told, "If you sign up, we'll put you on our do not call list." So, she caved, partially. Said she wouldn't authorize a single payment until she had a written contract in hand, and could confirm all of the information given to her, double check her subscriptions, and make sure the quote given her matched that on the contract.

No contract ever arrived.

I'm thinking at some point her husband went and gave the OK on the whole thing, which she promptly canceled, closed the bank account in question, and at that point they moved back to the US (they're military).

Since late December, they haven't heard a thing about this, until this week. The phone calls start, and start, and start. As early as 7am up until as late as 10pm, getting progressively more loud and threatening. At one point, her 12 year old daughter answered the phone and after hanging up asked her mother, "Mom? Why did that man just call me a bitch?" I was there for that one, and when we looked at the caller ID, saw the number came from the same "collections" place that'd been calling mercilessly for the last week.

She's repeatedly told them not to contact her by phone, and instead by writing, and is saving all phone records and voice mails, and documenting everything.

Now though, she got a call today, and demanded email, and the guy got extremely pissy with her. He informed her that if she didn't settle the account for an amount that seems to vary with each conversation (bounces from 900.00 to over 2000.00), they would be filing charges against her and seek jail time.

She's justifiably freaked the hell out. She knows she canceled this silly thing, hasn't received anything about it in writing until today (email), they keep calling, harassing, and apparently cussing everyone out. She threatened the BBB (had to explain to her that's a useless thing), and they got marginally nicer for one phone call, but that's it.

Now here's the kicker, when she again demanded written information, she gets an email with someone elses name, address, phone number, account number, and well screw it, I'll just post the email she forwarded me. Names and addresses changed, except for the collections guy. Screw him.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Account# 1016342
Mr. Who Is This C/O Mrs. Who Is This
Weird Address Place
Some City, A State, Zip

Dear Mrs. Not My Friend :

This agreement is a summary of our conversation with Ms. My Friend. Express Information Systems will reduce the unpaid balance of $15270.75 as well as Ms.My Friend terms of service for a payment of $970.75 on account #1024878 to pay account in full. Ms. My Friend will receive service for all money paid to this point. Ms. My Friend will not be billed any further payments by Express Information Systems on account #1024878 Please sign and date in the appropriate spaces below and return to Express Information Systems promptly in order to expedite and complete the cancellation process.

In order to prevent any further inconvenience to either party, we have placed Ms. My Friend on the do not call list.

By signing this agreement, any interested parties, do understand that they are solely responsible for the reduced unpaid portion of this account, and agrees that this matter has been resolved to their complete satisfaction.

Kevin White

Company Auditor

Ms. My Friend

Print: ­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________ Date ______________________________

Sign: __________________________________

Other Interested Parties

Print: ____________­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________ Date ______________________________

Sign: ___________________________________


So here I am, posting on her behalf, looking for advice. As you guys have been spectacular in the past with things like this. She is documenting everything, and I'll be helping her pull her voice mails from her phone tomorrow. She's also going to see if JAG can help her out tomorrow. Mr. White also seems to go by Keith White, Carver White, and Kelvin White, but it's always the same guy. But really, over 15k? What?!

ETA - She called and told me the company he's calling from is Express Information Systems. During that short 20 min. call, the guy called an additional three times.
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