Anna (rainbooted) wrote in bad_service,

Masseuse Hits On Me.

Earlier today I was getting some shopping done and noticed a new massage place that had opened up in the plaza I was at. My shoulders were kind of sore so I decided to stop in - the place had a sign out front advertising 30 minute massages for $20, which seemed like a good deal.

My masseuse was a young man who seemed kind of... nervous, for lack of a better word. When he came in and I was on the table he stumbled a little. A couple minutes later he dropped the oils he was using. I've only gotten one or two massages before but it kind of felt like this guy had no idea what he was doing. He kept massaging the same area and he was more squeezing my skin instead of actually massaging.

The worst part was at the end - he was filling out some paperwork after the massage was over (I was paying with credit card, and he told me it was standard procedure to get some information). He asked me for my zip code and took down my mailing address. He then moved the paperwork aside, leaned over the counter and asked me for my phone number.

He had moved all the paperwork aside, and put down his pen. His body language made me feel sort of strange so I said "Why?"

"I really enjoyed meeting you, and I was hoping to take you out to lunch sometime."

I told him that was extremely inappropriate and left immediately. How creepy.
Tags: happy ending, not a horny housewife

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