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You'll Love this one

First post ever. This happened to me in October of 2001 but I thought you might like to know about it.

Sooo.. Picture this. It's the day before my wedding. I go to the local Gingis Formal wear to pick up my tuxedo. I try it on, and notice a tear in the crotch of the pants. I let the person helping me know, and she states that they will order a new pair of pants and that I can come in the morning to pick them up. So the next day (the day of the BIG event) comes and I go into the store pick up my pants and go to the church. I begin to change into my tuxedo. I pull on my pants and suddenly realize in absolute shock and horror that they never bothered to switch out the pants, and I have a pair with a huge rip in the crotch. I start to literally hyperventilate as I realize that the ceremony is twenty minutes and that the tux shop is a hour and a half round trip. I have somebody get my mother (who is helping my wife get dressed) and she is able to locate a sewing kit and do one of the best rush fix-it jobs in her entire life.

I go back the next day and complain, seething. They give me five bucks back, as that is what I paid for my rental (there was a special for multiple rentals). No sorrys, no offers of free rentals.

But the story does have a happy ending (other than my wife and I being married nearly four years): About three weeks ago I get a legal notice in the mail about a company attempting to declare bankruptcy. I look at the company name and realize with that it is the tuxedo rental company.
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