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Bookstore B_S and needing advice

I am at my yearly folk dance camp on a college campus, and Tuesday night is St. Patrick's Day night for the campers, so I drop into the university bookstore to pick up a stuffed cat to go with my Boondock Saints t-shirt.

I find my cute fluffy cat, take it to the register, where the cashier is sitting with her back to the counter, talking to a coworker. After a minute, she turns around and scans the cat, without so much as a greeting in my direction. And now the script:

Cashier: "$11.23."
Me: *hands her my card*
Cashier: *takes card, swipes it, forcibly throws cat into a plastic bag*
Me: *takes cat out* "Oh, I don't really need a bag for that. You can use it for the next customer."
Cashier: *grabs bag and wads it up* "Well, then, I guess I'll just THROW IT AWAY."
Me: "Uh..."
Cashier: *hands me back my card, throws the receipt and a pen down on the counter*
Me: *signs, slides the receipt back to cashier*
Cashier: "Okay, there you go." *returns to her conversation with coworker*

Really, lady? I'm sorry I interrupted your conversation with your actual job, but did you have to throw a fit about a plastic bag? It's not like it's ruined after a stuffed cat has been in it.

Also, an unrelated question: Who here has had dealings with PayPal? I found out recently the hard way that the email account I use for them has been deleted, since I only use it for PayPal and didn't realize how long it had been inactive, and so I have no way to verify my account and can't receive money from eBay transactions. I sent them a message asking if there was any way to change that information without being able to use the account, and emphasized in the body of the note that they should use a different address to respond. It's been about a week now and I haven't heard back from them. Is there another method of communication that works better?
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, bookstore, question

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