Ketita (ketita) wrote in bad_service,

keep the kids away

I was at a lingerie place in the mall the other day.  The place is fairly small, with an aisle of six fitting rooms right next to the cashiers' desk.  There were about 3-4 workers in the store at the time, most of them around that desk.

When I went in to try on some stuff, what do I find, but a little boy lying on the floor and peeking into the changing rooms and giggling?  I was pretty appalled and chased him away, and had my friends stand guard for me. Throughout the entire time we were there, I got walked in on 3 times, twice by kids peeking into all the booths, and had to chase off little boys several more times.

I freaking get that parents may need to bring their kids, but that behavior is so inappropriate I have no words. The parents were doing nothing, and the cashiers - this was happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES, they were barely a meter away, I swear - did not give a damn. I complained to them at some point.  You can imagine what a difference that made.

We left pretty quickly, but DAMN. I seriously never want to set foot in there again.
Tags: ^wtf, bra banter
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