Madeline May (madeline_may) wrote in bad_service,
Madeline May

Okay, so I'm pale as hell. Like, literally, I am translucent. I glow when people take pictures of me and use flash. It's ridiculous, but you know what? I don't mind so much. It's how I am. And I'm not a fan of the whole tanning movement. At least for myself. I feel comfortable in my own skin, most times.

That being said, I was in Shopper's Drug Mart the other day, and in a great deal of pain. My back was severely burnt (because I'm some kind of idiot and forgot to put sunscreen on my back) to the point where it was blistered, and I just wanted to find something that would take away the pain or ease it so I could sleep at night. Aloe vera, vitamin e gel, whatever. I was having trouble finding something, so I asked one of the associates whether they had anything to help sooth burns.

She looked me over and motioned with her head for me to follow her to an aisle of (very expensive) creams. She proceeded to say, in a very monotone voice, "We have plenty of after-sun lotions that will help protect your tan. Because after you burn, you tan." I went on to explain that I was more interested in something that would soothe my skin, as I had no interest in keeping a tan, and these were out of my price range. She raised her eyebrows in that really awful condescending way people do, and said, "Well. Sometimes the price is worth it. Everyone should have that... HEALTHY glow. Sometimes you make sacrifices to look good." She then pursed her lips and pointedly looked me over.

Now, you know, normally I would not have been so upset as I was. But I felt like I was going to cry. Like, what the hell was she trying to say? That I DIDN'T look good? I just sort of mumbled something and went to the pharmacist for help instead, and he kindly pointed me to the vitamin e gel. Which worked wonders.

Maybe I'm overreacting about all of this. It was just... her tone was so NASTY. I felt kinda hurt.

EDIT: "The other day" being a few weeks ago. LOL my concept of time is shoddy at best.
Tags: *pharmacy, ^annoyance, ^wtf
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