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Service? What service?

On 14th June I bought some steel toe capped boots from The boots were about £16 and shipping was another £5 or so. The website said items were usually dispatched within 4 business days, and to wait 7-10 days before pursuing undelivered items. I actually waited 14 days before calling them to find out why the boots hadn't arrived, but the line was engaged (busy) constantly for over 30 minutes. This happened three days in a row, the line was engaged every time. I then sent them an e-mail asking why the items hadn't been shipped.

About a week later I still had no reply to my e-mail, but I got a text saying the boots would be delivered the next day between 17:44 and 18:44. Surprise surprise, they didn't come. I tried to call again, once more I couldn't get through, and my second e-mail was also ignored.

Finally I called the delivery company to see if they could help. They told me the company had asked for my package to be returned because they had sent out the wrong boots. By this time I was furious at the lack of communication and sent a third e-mail and HALLELUJAH I got a reply! The lady who wrote back said the boots had been delivered by I had refused to accept the parcel (wtf?), with a tone that suggested I was lying for telling her what the delivery company had told me, and they would refund the money as soon as the parcel was returned to them. I wrote back again, demanding an immediate refund since it was now well over a month since I had paid for the boots and they knew I had not received them whichever version of the story was correct.

I think I'm more pissed off about being called a liar than about being constantly ignored and waiting so long for the damn boots.

I just went to paypal to file a dispute and get my money back, and I see they have just refunded my money about 6 weeks after I first sent it. They didn't bother e-mailing me to let me know they had done it. Customer service really doesn't mean much to them...
Tags: online store/subscription, shipping shenanigans, shopping online, stomping around

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