Jeff's LiveJournal (jfpbookworm) wrote in bad_service,
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Dear Verizon Wireless employee:

I was trying to change my phone to a 716 (Buffalo area) area code - you know, where you send my bill. It is currently a 646 (New York City) area code. A New York City code is not "local for the area that you are requesting," and the change does in fact "reflect an actual move to another City/State."

Thank you so much for cancelling my order this weekend while I was out of town. Thank you even more for the two "confirmation of your order" emails I received *after* you cancelled the order, which forced me to check if my order was in fact cancelled or not.

And finally, thank you for having two completely separate "order status" systems that have no knowledge of each other, leaving me with a "we have no record of your order" message until I discovered that if I go through a convoluted series of links rather than checking my order from the front page, I can find out (almost a week later) that my order has in fact been cancelled.

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