mixtupbutterfly (mixtupbutterfly) wrote in bad_service,

Well... That Didn't End Well.

This bad service sucks (more than most) because prior to tonight, this restaurant was really awesome. Well my Mom, daughter, and I order from this chinese food place near us at least 1-2 times a week. They are the only place near us with awesome food, they make my vegetarian eggrolls with no mushrooms, and their veggie lo-mein is to die for. LOVED IT!

Until tonight.

My Mom and I order our usual... 3 veggie eggrolls with no mushroom, white rice, veggie lo-mein with no mushrooms, and sesame chicken with no spices. My mom hates spices, I hate meat and mushrooms. We order this at least once a week, and has been this way for a couple months. We are definitely regulars.

Well tonight we order, they deliver the food, all seems well. My Mom tastes a bite of chicken and her mouth is on fire. Sure enough, they forgot to have no spices. This is okay, stuff happens, we call them and they say they will send over the chicken sans spice. All seems well!

Until I bite into my eggroll. I taste something odd... couldn't quite put my taste buds as to why. I take another nibble, trying to see if it's the seasoning, couldn't figure it out. I tear open the eggroll and I see freaking pork in it. Now I am a hardcore vegetarian, the only meat I have ever had was on accident... like tonight. I take it up to my Mom to have her taste to see if it's just me imagining things. She confirms it's absolutely pork.

So this was sucky enough, having our order be wrong, but this is when the true bad service kicks in.

We call them back right away, not even 5 minutes after telling them the chicken was spicy, and the guy gives my Mom a hard time saying I asked for pork. Well, considering I ordered and know that I have never eaten meat, I don't think I'd ask for pork just for fun. We said we just wanted our money back, the food is all boxed up, we don't want it redone, we will just take our business elsewhere. The guy is not wanting to do this at all, demanding I asked for pork and said we always get pork... yet I am the only one that gets the eggrolls and know for a fact pork has never been in it. They said they would send someone out to get the food and give us a refund.

That was over 2 hours ago, and this place is 10 minutes away. We don't have a car, so we can't drive it to them. We called them again to ask where the guy is with our money, and the guy says the manager isn't around so he can't give the money back. So my Mom asks to speak to a manager, and magically he appears and can talk to her! So she speaks with him and he again hassles her, not wanting to come refund the money. He is telling us to keep the food and we say that we can't eat the food, the meat is spicy and my food has meat... we really can't eat it. If we could, this crap wouldn't happen!

So they said they would send someone out... and that has yet to be seen. I'm waiting for this guy to show up, and the crappy thing is this place was sooooo good, but their actions tonight made them lose a once loyal customer.

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