Ishtar L-Amarain (sharz) wrote in bad_service,
Ishtar L-Amarain

Racist window display

Oh Australia, I love but what is with the race fail nowadays?

Usually I love shopping at privately owned or boutique book stores but the one that I usually go to had golliwogg dolls up on display.

I went in, asked for the manager and basically explained why it was racist.

All I got was "That is your opinion" and "Kids don't care". I tried explaining further that just because children didn't care, doesn't mean it was right to have them up there. They weren't even on sale so the lady would have lost nothing by taking them down.

I'm going to give them a day to take it down other wise I will be emailing and leaving reviews all the over the place.

Got to say, I won't be shopping there any more which is a pity since it was so close to work.
Tags: as featured on sf_d, fyi: tags =/= wank, hot fresh wank in 30 min or less, mod comment, stupid racism, wank
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