yamikuronue (yamikuronue) wrote in bad_service,

Need help finding contact info

This is related to bad service, but I'm too exhausted to give the full details; I've posted on it in the past, though. Long story short, I'm still chasing my tail, struggling to hunt down people overseas to get scraps of information as to what I'm supposed to be doing to ensure that I can attend their university two months from now - I don't have my visa yet, because I don't have my MPN for my loan which is required to prove "maintenance funds".

I'd like to talk to someone in the US about this; I'm having trouble because my school isn't listed on the website studentloans.gov, which is where I'm supposed to be filling out paperwork, so it's worth a shot calling there. Only, all they have is an email feedback form, which I sent in last week and have yet to receive a reply from.

Can anyone help me figure out where I can call to get information about federal student loans and/or their website?
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