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Another reason to hate Verizon....

I "chose" Verizon for my service provider back in 2002 because I heard their reception was good and my bosses loved it. Me being the naive little thing I was, I got a 2 year contract. Of course, I got the cheapest, biggest POS phone I could (I was a broke college student). A year later, I wanted to phone had been swapped out at least twice and I was ready for something different. Ha! Silly girl! You can't upgrade to a new phone unless you pay the "full retail" price which is upwards of $300 on a good day. Fine, I'l get a new phone when my contract is up and get a 1 year plan. Well, that was a year ago.

Today, I go to the Cingular store (mostly everyone I know has them so it would be cheaper for me to go with them -- mobile to mobile and all). Chat up the nice young man selling the phone. Who advises me to call Verizon and make sure of my contract end date. I call and hear that the end date is NEXT YEAR!!! What?!?! I paid the extra money for the 1 year agreement. WTF?!? So the customer service rep says I need to find a copy of my contract or there's nothing they can do. Due to the initial shock, I was pretty upset. So I storm off, go home (without even saying goodbye to the nice young man who was helping me at the Cingular store) on a mad pursuit of my contract.

Fortunately, I found the contract....I wasn't crazy, it was one year. So I call this time, I'm a little less irate but damn if I'm not sarcastic. It turns out, some ass typed in the wrong year for my contract end date.

They fixed the boo boo. Tomorrow, I'm going back to the Cingular store and getting a new phone.

Moral of the story...Verizon + 2 year contracts = suckiness
Verizon + 1 year contract = Them putting you in the computer for a 2 year anyway
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