Faithless the Wonderboy (kid_a_85) wrote in bad_service,
Faithless the Wonderboy

Dell Sold Me a Brand New Broken Laptop

I posted this to Consumerist, and I'm really hoping they post it on their website. This is an issue I've had for almost a week now with Dell.

I ordered a Dell XPS Studio 1647 off of the Dell website on July 3rd, 2010. After building it to the specifications that I wanted it, it came out $1512.92. A hefty price for a laptop, but, I was tired of getting cheaper end laptops that would not last me. I was willing to drop some money on a more expensive machine that would last for a few years.

I received my laptop on Tuesday July 13th. I set it up and it worked great. I had no issues with it that Tuesday the 13th or Wednesday the 14th. Now, to let you know (this is important to the story), my laptop was set to sleep when the lid closed. So, I would close it pretty much anytime I was not using it. Also, It remained on my desk from the time I took it out of the box.

When I came home from work on Thursday the 15th, I opened the lid, checked my e-mail, then closed it up in order to go cook dinner. I came back an hour and a half later to use the laptop. I opened the lid, and nothing. No lights on the keyboard, no lights on the power button, no activity of it waking up from sleep mode, nothing. I pushed the power button, nothing. Held down the power button for 15 seconds, nothing. I had to remove the battery, then reinsert it, then hit the power button, in order to get it to boot up.

I called customer service that evening and the tech I talked to assured me it was a very rare problem but said it would not happen again. I asked him to explain it to me and he couldn't quite explain what had caused it. Frustrated, but hoping he was right, I got off the phone. The computer was fine for the rest of the evening.

When I woke up the next morning, Friday the 16th, I had the exact same issue. I had put it to sleep the night before by closing the lid. I opened it up that morning, and nothing. No lights, no power, nothing when I pushed the power button. Once again, I had to remove and reinsert the battery in order to get the computer to turn back on. And naturally, computers don't like when you don't shut them down the proper way.

I called Dell during my break on Friday and they said it was an issue with my power settings. This did not make any sense to me, but, I figured I'd give them a chance, and they gave me instructions for how to go about changing the settings. I changed the settings like they told me to, but wait, it happened again Friday evening.

Friday evening, I took it with me to my girlfriend's place, fully intent on calling the techs on Saturday. I e-mailed the Dell team member who helped confirm the laptop over the phone (I needed to verify something after I ordered it on the website), Michelle, and told her the issue. She was pretty sympathetic and gave me some numbers and extensions to use. I spent two hours on Saturday (7/18) on the phone with tech support (not the way I wanted to spend part of my Saturday) and they could not resolve the issue. One tech said he had never heard of anything like this in all his tenure with Dell. I had even sent an e-mail to the Dell Tech and never received a response.

The issue has now expanded from Sleep Mode to Hibernate Mode as well. Whenever it goes into one of those modes, the only way to get the computer to reboot is to remove and reinsert the battery, then hit the Power Button.

They informed me that an on-site technician (I paid for two years of in home support) would be in contact with me this week to replace the motherboard. However, I feel that given the amount of money I spent and that this issue started two days out of the box, I should be receiving a replacement laptop, rather than having a tech open up a brand new laptop to replace parts.

What can I do to escalate this? I have not been able to get a proper response from Dell on this issue. Aside from Michelle, their customer support has been laughable. Well, it would be laughable if 1500 of my dollars were not on the line here. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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