Jessica (bloodyheartless) wrote in bad_service,

Small Wtf/Almost Bad Service That Ended Up Working Out.

About two weeks ago I ordered a metal iPod Touch case and an adhesive o-ring from an online website. Honestly, I chose the free shipping because I'd already shelled out 30 bucks for the case. In hindsight, that was my mistake. I figure because it's free shipping, it's probably going to take the estimated 9 days or more to get to me, so I've accepted the fact I'll have to wait a good while for my package. About a week later I get online to see if my package is trackable. It is! I click the "Track Your Package" link and apparently my package has been delivered to me already. Huh. Really? It seems so, because there's a delivery confirmation entry after the "delivered to -town- post office at -time-" entry. I've been working a lot lately, so I haven't been able to get the mail everyday. The responsibility fell to my father, so I go and ask him if I'd gotten anything in the mail. He says no. I decide to wait until the next day to see if they just prematurely put in the delivery confirmation. I get home from work and still no package. Due to some "Hey, for the fifth time this week we changed your work schedule!" work suck, it takes me another day after this to get to the time to go to the post office during their hours of operation. When I get to the teller and begin to explain my situation, her nice, sunny demeanor goes from "Hi, how can I help you today?! :D :D" to "Why are you darkening my window with your ISSUES? >=[". The conversation was as follows.

Me: Hello. I seem to have a small problem. I ordered something online about a week or so ago and your website says that it's been delivered to me....only I don't have it. 
Teller: *blank look*
Me: ........You see, your website says that there was delivery confirmation. I'm not entirely sure how that can be, if you needed a signature for delivery or something, because I wasn't there to sign anything. If its something else, I still don't see how delivery was know, actual delivery.
Teller: "Um, a delivery confirmation JUST means that your package was delivered."
Me: *barely refrains from going "No, really?"* But there was no delivery. I have this label number if it'll------
Teller: SOMETIMES delivery confirmation JUST confirms that it was delivered to the POST OFFICE. It might not be delivered to YOU until the NEXT DAY.
Me: said delivery was confirmed, to my house, four days ago.
Teller: *walks off*

A few minutes later, she comes out with a man in a tie and they walk up the the next window down, so over I go.

I assume he's a manager?: What seems to be the problem?
Me: Well, I ordered something online about a week ago and your website said it has delivery confirmation that it's been delivered to me....only it hasn't. I don't have my package. I have this label number from the website if it'll help.
Teller: *glares at me*  Delivery confirmation just means that the package has been delivered. *goes back to window*
Manager: Let me see the number you have. What's your address?
Me: *rattles off address and hands over paper*
Manager: *takes paper and walks off*

At this point, I guess I must have looked bored (Unintentional. I was willing to wait.) or something because the teller told me "He'll be WITH YOU in a MOMENT." to which I could only respond with "Okay, thank you." Not very long afterwards he comes back to me with this as an explanation: "Yeah, it says it's been delivered." >.> Yes. We've been through this, sir. Twice now. He then asks for a description of what's in the package, my phone number, and he says he'll talk to the couriers and get back to me later that day. I run the rest of my errands and go home to wait. I wait 'till 5pm, their closing hours, and I don't get a call. By this point, I'm disgusted and have pretty much given up hope of ever getting my package, but have decided that my only option is to go down there after I get off work at 3 today because who knows if I'm going to have enough time in my half hour lunch to resolve this postal issue? On my lunch period, I motor on home for some food and lo and behold I've gotten my package! How has this happened?! No one knows, but I havent gone back to the post office. Honestly, I had thought that the courier delivered it to the wrong address and the people he delivered it to didn't want to give up something they could sell on eBay because I don't live next to extremely honest people. Now though, I'm kind of thinking my courier saw my package and decided that he/she'd keep it if I didn't make a fuss, but maybe I'm being judgemental/bitchy.

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