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two instances in a day... sigh*

Hi! New member posting. I actually did a mental *happy dance* when I came upon this community, cuz I was JUST grouching over not one, but two instances of bad service this very day and needing to rant about it.

Today, I went out to get take out at this restauraunt I adore. My plan was to order the food, then spend the usual 10-20 minutes waiting time by going across the street to get a cup of coffee and a sandwich from Dunkin Donuts.

I told the guy at the restaurant what I wanted, but we were interrupted by the phone ringing. I wasn't done with him, as I wanted to ask him how much it was, if I should pay now or later, how long it would take, etc, but whatever, I can wait.

After a few seconds, I could tell that it was a friend calling, as he was joking with them and chatting aimlessly. But whatever, I'm patient, and in his defense, the person on the other line DID start ordering food eventually (after he had asked them about their kids and a bunch of other stuff).

But there WERE people at home waiting for food, so I stepped to the side and asked the waitress standing next to him (as she had picked up the paper with my order and looked ready to help me) how much it was, etc.

The gentleman looked at me and responded with a very loud "SHHHHH!!" and "Just wait a minute! Siddown!" accompanied by a "go sit in the corner" kind of gesture.

I was left stunned and thinking, "What the... did I just get ordered to siddown, like a kid?" I didn't sit and just ended up standing around awkwardly waiting for him to finish his call. I asked him how much it was, how long it would take, etc, and left really quick.

Still, I tried to shrug it off as him trying to say "Please sit down and I'll be with you shortly," and it just came out wrong.

I walked into Dunkin Donuts hoping that a coffee and sandwich would cheer me up. I was wrong.

I started the conversation with the cashier with, "Can I please have the number 6 combo?" which was the line that I ALWAYS used and never caused me any problems.

He responded: "Which combo?"

"The number 6 combo, please."

*condescending smirk* "Yes, but there are lots of combos. Which one do you want?"

I didn't know whether he was trying to be funny, messing with me deliberately, or unable to hear me over the other customers. I reiterated: "Six."

He responded with an even more condescending smirk and sighed like I was an idiot. "You don't know how to order, do you?"

At this point, I was really confused as to why he wasn't getting it. So I repeated yet again: "I want the number six combo. With sausage, please."

Another cashier came over then and muttered something to him on the side, and he said, "Oh! Sausage! Number 4, right?" And then typed it in without confirming.

Pretty exasperated by his attitude and just plain confused, I said, "No! I wanted SIX! SIX!" and I pointed directly at the board where number six was displayed. Another condescending look from him and he turned around to look at the board.

"Oh, six," he said, but in a way that was really annoyed, as if it was somehow my fault that he had to re-do the order. "You want six?"

"Yes! Number six."

"You want six?"


He typed it in again and the amount came to 24.99 for ONE CUP OF COFFEE AND A SANDWICH.

When I demanded to know what was going on, he replied "You said you wanted six! I asked you TWO TIMES and you said you wanted six!" All this was done in a really irritated voice, as if i had somehow offended him. I still don't know what compelled him to think I wanted six orders of Number Six.  

At that point, I was more flabbergasted than angry, so I just waited for him to correct it again, muttering complaints under his breath all the time. And when it came time for him to make the coffee, he asked me how I liked it and I said, struggling to remain polite, "Can I have it iced?" True, number six doesn't come with a coffee specified as "iced," but I 've ALWAYS asked for an iced coffee with 6 and I've ALWAYS gotten a "yes" or even an "of course."

But nooo. He threw up his hands in exasperation and said, "You said you wanted number six! I don't know what you want!"

To which I replied, "Whatever. Just.... whatever. Cream and sugar."

I left with the correct order, thankfully, but also with a mixture of "ARGGGGH" and "wat the hell just happened?"

Because of the delay, I had to rush back to the other rude guy and pick up my order. And then walk home in the heat with a non-iced coffee and the sting of being bad-serviced 2 times within half an hour.

WHEW. Sorry for the long post. Needed to get that off my chest.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *restaurant, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, coffee/doughnuts/bagels, no one cares it's your first time
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