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Edwardo Catflappo

Kia Motors: The Reason I Joined

Newbie here, jumping right in with the worst customer service story I could ever imagine, and it happened to me.

I have a leased Saturn Ion, which I've never been completely happy with. That's another "bad service" story in and of itself, but Kia managed to top it by far.

I was interested in a Kia because of the warranty and the price, and I've had a couple friends that have had and loved them. I called up my local Kia dealership, they sent me an internet questionaire, and my salesperson, Cliff, called me about a week later. So far, so good. I wasn't in a rush to buy, I just wanted to see what the numbers looked like and things like that.

The first time I talked to Cliff he was nothing but pleasant. He asked when I could come by the dealership, but unfortunately I was leaving on vacation and wouldn't be able to make it for a couple of weeks. This was on May 6. We set a date for me to come in for May 22, I think it was - anyway, it was a Saturday - and Cliff said that he'd get back in touch with me when the time got closer to make sure it would still work out. I said that was fine and hung up.

When did he call? Thurdsay night. 9:41 PM. Really? I told him I didn't want to put too fine a point on it, but it was a little late to be making a business call. What was his rationale? "My manager told me to make all my calls tonight or else I'd get fired." Uh... Well, at least he called. I chalked that one up to maybe he'd had a stressful week, and put it out of my mind.

I got there Saturday, and Cliff was just finishing up with another customer, so I waited for a while in the showroom. There were 2 business managers there, one was Caucasian and the other was Hispanic. There was also [what I assumed to be] a junior or new salesperson there named Brandon.

The first thing that happened was that the Hispanic manager told me, without hardly saying "hi" or anything of that sort, that if I could commit to buying that day, he could value my car at more. Now, look, I get that it's their job to secure a sale and all that, and I know they use tactics to do it. I just looked at him, stupefied, and said something like "How on earth can I promise you that? I just walked in the door!"

At that point, Cliff got done with the customer he was with and I went into his office. He needed some info off my car (VIN # and things) so I gave him my keys and he went outside to get what he needed. While he was out, Brandon came back in, after finishing with the customer he was with. He was no sooner 2 steps back in the door when I heard the Caucasian manager scream this to Brandon:

"I don't give a FUCK if he wanted $99 down and $99/month. You don't FUCKING let him out that door until he FUCKING signs!"

Once again. Uhhh....

Cliff came back shortly after and said I told him what I'd just heard, and that I wouldn't be continuing on. He asked why and I said "You never say things like that in earshot of a customer." Ever. Cliff replied with "He didn't say that to a customer." My mistake. It would have been totally OK if he had.

Now, I'm assistant manager at my job. My boss and I are pretty casual, and we curse both casually and when we're angry. I once made a mistake so bad he slammed his office door and asked if I was fucking blind or retarded. I totally deserved it. But I can assure you, NO CUSTOMER HEARD US.

On my way out, I told the Causcasian man what I'd heard, and he just shrugged and looked at me like I was the asshole. I smiled at Brandon and said to him "You may have lost a sale, but it's only one, because you treated your customer with respect. You can bet everyone I know is going to hear about this." I hope Brandon slept well that night.

Since then, I've been getting phone calls and emails from the dealership. The emails I can just delete and/or block, but the calls were getting ridiculous. I finally called and asked for Cliff, and told him I wasn't interested, and that they needed to stop. He said he took my number out of the system.

Nope, next day, I get a call from CLIFF PERSONALLY asking me if I was still interested. I told him after what I had experienced, that was the last place on EARTH I would ever buy a car from. His reply was "So, you're not interested then?"


The next day, an email from Cliff. I replied back and said I wanted no more calls, no more emails and if they didn't stop I was contacting the police and filing a harassment complaint.

He went off the rails. By his final email, he accused me of "playing games" and asked "Do you have any friends or do you just sit at the computer all day threatening people?"

It is important to note that I made sure to be nothing but courteous but forthright with him. I never once said anything that wasn't true, swore, accused, or made a personal attack.

I called the dealership asking for a business manager. When I was connected with one, I got as far as "Hi, my name is [me]. I was in your dealership on [date] and while I was there, I heard some profane and unprofessional language being used...]"


He hung up on me.

So far, I've written a letter to the corporate office marked ATTN: Consumer Affairs, but haven't heard back.
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