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McDonald's irritation

Okay, quick background. I only get 30 minutes for lunch, so my two main criteria for picking a spot to eat is how close it is and how fast it is. McD's is only a 2 minute drive away (sometimes 5 with bizarre traffic) and very fast, meaning I can order, get my food, and be back at work in about 10 to 12 minutes, leaving a good almost 20 minute window to eat. Now on with the irritation.

I drive out to McDs to grab a sandwich for lunch. Get up there (quick drive! Yay!), no one's in line. Great! I pull in, order my sandwich, pull up and pay. No problems. Get to the next window and I get handed my drink and told to pull up.

That's it. No, "we just dropped the fries and it'll be a couple minutes" or anything explaining how long I'll have to wait. The woman at the window didn't even think to try giving me a straw for my drink.

Now I notice there's a van also pulled off a head, so I figure it's something like fries and it'll just be a moment. Plus, I already paid, so I'm kinda stuck unless I want to get out, go inside, wait for a manager to get a refund and then go somewhere ELSE and wait for my lunch to be made. By the end of all that, I'd have no time to eat it, so I waited.

Five minutes after pulling up, a confused looking guy comes out with a smoothie thing in one and and some kind of coffee type beverage in the other. When he stops at my car, I pointed out that I didn't order either of those things, and said "oh yeah, you got the classic grilled chicken" and went to give the drinks to the other drivers. Who then drove off, indicating that was all they were waiting for.

Now I'm puzzled. Why am I waiting? More cars pull up, get their food and leave. In fact, I counted a good eight cars that managed to get through the drive through. FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, my lunch is over half way gone and I'm just about to get out of the car and go inside to find out what the hell is going on, when out pops Mr. Confused with a bag... from the other side of the store. I haven't moved, so I don't know what's going on.

Yay! It's my food! FINALLY! I get it and I go, because by this time I'm running out of time to eat it.

I get to work. Sandwich is runny and just kinda warm, which doesn't indicate that that is what I was waiting on. Fries are hot, so it could have been fries, I guess. Straw for my drink was in the bag, of course. Because if you're sitting outside in 90 degree heat, waiting for your damn food, you won't possibly want a freak straw to drink your drink.

Bottom line: McDs is supposed to be fast, especially the drive through. If I wanted to order my sandwich and then pull up and wait 15 minutes before getting my food, I'd have gone to Culver's where at least they have the excuse of "it's made from scratch"! If it's going to be a wait, McDs employees need to A) TELL you it's going to be a bit and WHY, B) let you know when you ORDER that something is waiting so you can, I don't know, CHANGE YOUR MIND CAUSE YOU'RE IN A HURRY, and C) STOP GIVING OUT DRINKS WITHOUT THE BLOODY STRAW!

Maybe I'm coming across as a bitch, but I would have been a lot less pissed off by the end if someone had just said "oh hey, we just ran out of X and it'll be a few minutes" or "we're out of X at the moment and it'll be a few minutes before it's ready, would you like something else instead" instead of the blank stares I got.

TL;DR: McDonalds is slow as hell for no explicable reason and no explained reason.
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