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 Relatively minor, but still, it pissed me off a bit. 

My boyfriend and I were going through the McDonald's drive through. I got a number 10 combo and he ordered a BBQ snack wrap. The snack wrap came up as a honey mustard wrap on the screen, so I said "No, the wrap is supposed to be BBQ, not honey mustard" The screen changed to reflect this, and on we go. We get the bag, and the first thing we notice is that my drink is only half full. Ok, no big. Then we open up the bag, and guess what? The wrap is most definitely honey mustard, DESPITE the correction earlier. Thankfully we had parked just outside the McDonald's so I could scarf my food while NOT driving, and I went back in. They did replace the wrap and I filled my drink, so that was cool. But on my way out, the manager said "See, you shouldn't change things at the last minute, then things like this don't happen!" Uhm, excuse me? Even if I HAD changed it at the last minute, which I didn't, it's not a difficult switch and it shouldn't cause any mistake. And the fact is, I didn't change at the last minute. If I had, I might be a little more understanding, but I didn't.  I didn't see the point in making a scene, so I just thanked them for fixing the mistake and left.

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