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MS Society Annoyance

Not OMG crazy bad like some of the posts below, but moderately annoying nonetheless.

I got diagnosed with MS in April, and almost immediately thereafter joined the MS Society for news and information. Now, the Ohio chapter of the MS society is fairly active -- different fundraisers and such. One that they were doing was a "Young Adult Happy Hour" open to MS people and a guest. I fit the age bracket, I like beer, I signed up! It was $10, included 2 drink tokens and appetizers.

You had to pre-register, which I did end of June. They also required an e-mail address and phone number *in case changes were made*. I noticed that the $10 debit posted to my account around the 1st of July. The Happy Hour was yesterday. I showed up ~ 15 minutes after it was supposed to start, to...nothing. The hostess I spoke to had to go find a manager to find out what I was talking about. It was canceled! Now, when I got home, the return was pending in my account, or I'd be even more annoyed, but why take an e-mail and/or phone number if you're not going to use it?? They seem to love using the phone number to call for donations... I was really looking forward to it too.
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