The Woman in Purple (rainbow_goddess) wrote in bad_service,
The Woman in Purple

No, this doesn't exist!

I have been having tendinitis in my right arm, and I figured it might be related to using the mouse on my computer. So I decided to switch to using a trackball instead of a conventional mouse. Trackballs look like this or this, for example.

I started with the department stores like Zellers and Wal-Mart. Nothing there, so I started going to computer and electronics stores. My first stop was The Source by Circuit City (which used to be Radio Shack.) I looked around at the computer peripherals, and a store employee asked if I needed help.

"Do you have any trackballs?" I asked.

"What's a trackball?" was his response.

Dude, you work in a computer/electronics store and don't know what a trackball is? "A computer pointing device that is not a mouse," I replied.

He snorted. "There is no such thing as a computer pointing device that is not a mouse," he informed me.

"Oh yes there is," I replied. "I've seen them. I've used them."

He finally agreed to look them up on his store computer. "Oh, so that's what a trackball is," he said when he finally found one. "But we don't sell them. They're too expensive. None of our customers would buy one."

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