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Just got off the phone with AT&T twice, and a chat session with Comcast.

We have been on DSL Direct for a while now, upgraded to 1.5 for a bit, didn't see a difference, downgraded back again because of money that we're not going to throw away for no speed difference.  For reference, we have been on the 768 kbps for $19.99 a month plan, and it works ok.

We are getting roommates, and we have moved to a new place.  So we wanted to go ahead and try the 1.5 mbps speed again, since the wiring in the new house is going to be different from the old apartment.

We put in a work order for the transfer about 2-3 weeks ago. First off, the guy couldn't just transfer us with the number they gave us (they give you a phone number even if you are internet-only), we had to wait for a new account activation. Our speed is not what it should be, and we can't upgrade because it will take a week AFTER they activate us to finish the "transfer", and it won't even let them put in the work order for an upgrade.

So we wait, call back, get an upgrade order in. The guy says for some reason the old work order is still showing, but he can do the upgrade request. He saw that when we were doing our transfer, the guy had like 2 other orders put in for us to just transfer (that had gotten cancelled), and that it looked like he didn't really know what he was doing. Well, we kind figured that.

Anyways, long story short, today we called because we are not at 1.5 mbps. Our online account couldn't show us any info, and told us to call. So we did. We talked to this one girl first. We tell her that we're not getting 1.5, we're not even getting 768 kb. Her suggestion? Upgrade to the 3.0 mb service, and "see if that helps". We say no, husband gets put on hold, girl comes back and tries to get him to get the 24 mb package with Uverse TV, we say no, more holding, she comes back... she says, ok, I'm going to send you to tech. He gets transferred, and the person that picks up... does not speak english. Said person gives husband that customer service number that he just got transferred from and ends the call.

Well, he's pissed, calls back. Waits probably 10 minutes on hold, not bad, gets a new person, an older sounding lady. He explains what happened above. She tells him that there is no work order for a 1.5 mb upgrade, but there is instead a upgrade to 3.0 that was put in today, not 10 minutes previous. Previous girl canceled the order for 1.5 which we were waiting on, and put us in for 3.0 which we had declined. Nice lady canceled that order too, and so needless to say, I got on comcast.com and we're getting 1.5 mbps cable internet on Monday.

The hub for comcast is one block away from us.

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