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Walmart Pharmacy Suck

I'm not up on pharmacy rules so I'm not sure if this is proper procedure or not, but it's definitely annoying.

I recently transferred two prescriptions over to Walmart from CVS. I transferred one because it was a generic and I'd rather pay $4 at Walmart than my co-pay of $10 at CVS. It a paper script from doctor that I took to Walmart myself. The second one is a little more complicated. It's a topical lotion thing that comes in a 60ml squeeze bottle. All the other variations of this medicine (ointment, cream, etc.) are on the generic list except the lotion and I can't switch to one of those because I use on my scalp, so I had to use insurance for it. My script for this is 120ml but since it only comes in 60ml bottles, I'd always receive it as two boxes of the 60ml bottles packaged together. This script had to be transferred from CVS.

So, I had no problem with the first prescription. In fact, they filled it for me in less than 10 minutes. I ordered a refill for the second prescription online and requested to pick it up three days later since there was a little note saying that scripts that were being transferred might take a little longer. The next day they call and tell me that it's ready to be picked up. Yay, pleasant surprise! Only not.

I go to pick it up and there are some handwritten notes on the on the paper that they give you listing instructions, side effects, etc. The tech reads them over, then asks me if I have insurance. I give him my card, he inputs the information, I pay, blah blah blah. As I'm turning to leave, I look at the notes written on the paper and see that one says "insurance?" and right below that it says "don't have 120ml in stock". So I open the bag and, lo and behold, there's only one box in there. Script format ensues:

Me: Me!
PT: Pharmacy Tech

Me: There's only 60ml here, there's supposed to be 120 ml.
PT: Oh, we didn't have 120ml in stock.
Me: 120ml bottles or 120ml total? Because they don't come in 120ml bottles, I've always gotten them packaged as 2 boxes of 60ml bottles.
PT: [blank look] We don't have 120 ml in stock.

At this point I figure he obviously doesn't know anything about the inventory and just knows what the note says.

Me: Ok, but you guys called me and told me it was ready. If you don't have all of what I need, it's not ready. Plus I just paid all of my co-pay for only half of my medicine.
PT: You can return it if you'd like.
Me: I think I'll do that.

I'm not so annoyed at the guy since it was pretty obvious that he didn't write the note and didn't really know what was going on, but still, is it that hard to get all your shit in order before you call me?
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