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Lindy's Taxi Service

Hi, I'm new here. Found my way over from customers_suck and figured I'd post my story of horrible customer service.

Any of you that live on Long Island, more specifically Suffolk County, have seen Lindy's taxis around. My first experience with them came when I started working in Suffolk a few years ago. Any time I would be driving and there would be a Lindy's taxi around, he'd always be doing something stupid: swerving, cutting people off, running lights, etc. I always refused to use them if I needed a cab, but my girlfriend used them all the time. Eventually I caved and agreed to use them when my car broke down, and I actually had a good experience. So the next day I agreed to use the magain to get me to work.

THats when the bad things happened.

I called the night before and made reservations to be picked up at 8:30. I needed to be at work at 9, and it takes about 20 minutes to get there, so I figured this would be plenty of time.

Lindy's has a reputation for being 5 or so minutes late, so I planned on being outside at 8:30, waiting for my cab. Unfortunately, the cab showed up at 8:25, when I was half dressed. My girlfriend ran outside to tell the driver to wait, since Lindy's is also notorious for leaving quickly. The woman driving the cab says "Hes got 2 minutes to get out here, cause I got someone else in the cab."

Strike 1.

So I get dressed quickly, run outside, and lo and behold, there is, in fact, another person in the cab. I think, "Ok, maybe hes going to the same area, and she'll drop him off on the way, or I'm on the way to his stop." Then she started driving nowhere near where I needed to go. So at 8:55, she drops the other guy off and turns around to take me to work. I have 5 minutes to get there, and I'm still 20 minutes away. At some point during the drive to the other guys stop, I noticed the check engine light is on. We get a block away from his stop and smoke starts coming out of the engine. We get another couple of blocks and smoke is now POURING out of the engine. I seriously thought the engine was on fire. Now she has to pull into a 7-11 parking lot and call for help. At first, she refuses to let another cab come pick us up, because the guy wants to split the fare with her, and she'd rather just get another car and keep the fare.

Strike 2.

After about 5 minutes, she decides another cab can come, since I've made it very clear that I'm now late for work. So we get picked up, and the new driver knows exactly where hes going, so I'm pretty happy with that. However, about halfway there, he asked the original driver if she knew where she was, and she had no idea.

Strike 3.

I can understand if she needed directions to get there, since I'm used to cab drivers needing directions. But this was a cab I had called for the night before. I had hoped they would have sent someone that knew where they were going, since I told them the name of the car dealership I worked at, and its not like cabs never have to go to car dealerships. Apparently I was asking too much. This girl had NO CLUE where she was.

While this was going on, my girlfriend called the company to complain. She got what she thought was the dispatcher on the phone, and was treated very rudely and told the drivers attitude wasn't his problem and that the cab showed up, and thats all that mattered. She hung up, but then called back later to talk to the manager about the treatment we had received. It turns out the "dispatcher" she spoke to the first time WAS the manager, and he told her the same thing. Apparently the company refuses to take responsibility for its drivers or their vehicles. She told him he just lost 2 customers and he responded with a sacastic "I'm sorry to hear that." Neither of us have used Lindy's since then, nor do we ever intend to again.

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