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Living a Life of Chaos

Annoying and Inconveniant Service

I went grocery shopping today at WalMart. (Yes, I know, WalMart sucks...whatever.) While there, I also picked up several items for my oldest daughter, who is leaving for Science Camp on Sunday. Later, as she was helping me unload the groceries, she went looking for the bags with the camp stuff in it. After a thorough searching of both the kitchen, the car and any other place it could have been, we realized that the bag containing these items (and a couple of personal items of mine) must have been left at WalMart.

This has happened before. I miss a bag when unloading the carousel thing. Most of the time the cashier notes it and stops me before I get too far. But that's not really their job so I try to remember to double check. Today was another one of those days where I am going on 3 hours sleep, so I completely forgot to double check.

I called the store to see if they had put my items aside for me. I was transferred to customer service where a very nice woman had me check my receipt so I would be able to tell her the register number and then asked if she could put me on hold for a minute because she had several other customers at the moment.

Not a problem. Of course, I ended up on hold for a little bit longer than 30 minutes (which was the last time I'd checked the timer on my phone) before being disconnected. This wasn't really bad service in itself as I know exactly how busy the CS desk gets (and the store for that matter) at that particular time on a Friday evening. It's nuts.

I waited 20 minutes before I called back and got the same woman, who remembered me and apologized. She got someone to check the lane for left bags and found one. She asked me what was in the bag and I was able to tell her all the contents. (Deoderant, shampoo, travel toothpaste, sunscreen, bug repellent, two bandannas and some lip balm.)

I was told to bring the receipt and she'd have it for me at the desk.

I failed here because in my hurry to get there and back (WalMart is about a half hour away from my house and it was already 9 pm) I left the receipt on the counter. I just didn't realize this until after I had parked.

I figured I'd try anyway as I really didn't want to go back out again tomorrow.

No luck. I got to the counter, said who I was and the woman knew who I was and once again apologized for the disconnect. I told her again what items were in the bag and then explained that I had forgotten the receipt.

And yup, I wasn't allowed to have them! The hell? I could understand if it were a random bag I was trying to claim. But it wasn't. I'd already called up there twice, identified the items over the phone, identified the items in person and I still can't have them without a receipt. What are the odds that some person off the street is going to guess what is in those bags and walk off without paying for them?

Besides, it's Walmart where you can do returns without receipts all the time.

So, I guess I get to go back tomorrow.

TLDR: I leave items at WalMart on accident and WalMart won't let me have them without proof of purchase, despite having me describe the contents of the bags I've left behind, several time.
Tags: "i know this isn't really bad service", following rules =/= bad service, wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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