a very small fish (tinyfishie) wrote in bad_service,
a very small fish

Some of you may remember my exciting experiences with my rental company and the terrible, terrible smell in my apartment. Well, several months later, nothing has been fixed, but luckily, we're moving out and returning to Canada. In order to get our deposit back, however, we have to have the caretaker come in and fill out an inspection form, which we return to the rental office in exchange for our deposit.

The caretaker was meant to come today at 15h00. At 16h30, we phoned the main office. "Oh, he's at your building," they told us. "He'll be there any minute!" It is now 18h15. No caretaker. We're leaving Saturday, and the rental office is only open until 11h30 on Fridays, so we have to make it there by then or risk forfeiting our deposit. Right now, that doesn't look likely.

I'm so frustrated with these people that I could scream! They have been a nightmare to deal with from the beginning. When we arrived, the room was horribly dirty - dusty, candy wrappers and paper on the floor, holes in the walls, etc. We did the best we could to make it liveable, including cleaning things that clearly had not been looked at in years, like the kitchen vent. Then the Smell began, and along with it, a huge song-and-dance about the water filtration system that has been dragging on for eight months without the slightest change. (That's right; we've had a terrible smell in our 25 square metre apartment for EIGHT MONTHS without anything being done about it.) Things break and are not repaired, or are repaired incorrectly (after a suitably long waiting period, of course), we were never told about the fact that the two floors that are rented out to students sit on top of three floors that are essentially a halfway house, and now this!

The time we've spent living here in the Netherlands has, by and large, been great, but I am absolutely ecstatic that I'll never need to deal with another Dutch bureaucracy ever again.
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