Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,


I'm about to throw my phone out a window, I'm so irritated. It took me 20 minutes of playing with that evil "helpful" automated service menu to get a person. It kept telling my that my cell phone service is now through Frontier services, so call them, then it would hang up on me. Problem was, I wasn't calling about my cell phone, but my FIOS account.

Dear Mr Fios person,

No, there is no phone number associated with my FIOS account. My cell phone is also with Verizon, but I didn't want the two linked. No, I promise, you won't find it under the phone number. Stop trying.

I'm sorry someone transferred me to the wrong department. Financial services can't handle a question about getting my refund check went to the right place, who knew?

Also, two final bills is a very confusing phrase. Maybe this makes sense to you since you have worked there for so long, but to most people "final" means "last one." Telling me I need two finals bills before I can get my refund check doesn't seem particularly logical. Nor is it logical to tell me that the last bill I paid, the one that I over paid on because I paid full month instead of partial month, is not my final bill. It is just the last bill I owe money on. How does this even make sense?

Yes, my frustration with being told that I needed two final bills was evident, but I didn't swear at you, call you names, or even raise my voice. There is no excuse for pretending like you are going to transfer me, then hanging up.


TL;DR: In FIOS universe, final bill is not the last bill you paid, but two empty bills before you can get a refund. Apparently.

Bonus point for the person I spoke to when I called back (after a few more attempts with the automated system from hell) having absolutely no idea what the person before meant by having two final bills. My refund check may already be on its way, which is unfortunate, because it is being sent to my old address instead of my new one.

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