stacey (groovyraspberry) wrote in bad_service,

Not terrible service, but still WTF.

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend went to Rock St to file paperwork for a custody hearing. He had to have the defendant summoned. The only paper work the court supplied came with the address of Devalle Blvd on it. There was no time, at all, on the summons. All it listed was the address (of Devalle) and the date to show up.

So, today we show up at Devalle at 820 AM. We figure, the sooner, the better. We go to Devalle and they say, "Oh, this is just where you register. You want to go to Rock St for the hearing. But go ahead and speak with the Information desk about it just to be sure." So he goes over to Information and they say "Yeah, you wanna go to the other court house. We always get people coming here instead of the other court." WTF? CHANGE THE FXCKING ADDRESS ON THE PAPERWORK?

So, we go to the Rock St. court. It is JAM PACKED for child support cases. We are sent to sit outside of a courtroom where there isn't as many people sitting around. We are here at 9:05, waiting. After a while, I suggest to my boyfriend to walk inside of the room and see what's up. He did this four times, within four hours and there were no clerks or anything in the room at the times when he went. At around the third hour, I left because my infant was being cranky. He called me at 125, finally, saying come pick him up.

He walked back in the room a fifth time, and there was a clerk. He gave her all of his information, and then she suddenly became very snarky and nasty, saying, "You were supposed to be here at 830. Your case has been dismissed."

He had all of his paper work with him, and said "No, no, no, no... excuse me. There is nothing in here that says a time, and it didn't even say THIS address. I went to *points* THIS address first, because this is what's on the paper." The clerk calls someone else in, who is just as annoyed as the clerk, and then they say "Well, your case was dismissed. You failed to show up." He is still bewildered and says, "I have been here for four hours waiting to be called. I walked into the court room five times looking for someone!" which is when the clerk just stopped talking all together. The other woman who stepped in says, "Aren't you Heath?" and then he is like, uhh, wtf. "No, I'm John." "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Well, your papers are in the mail, regardless. Next time show up on time."


Next time, print the right fucking address on your papers, and maybe even mention a time frame to persons paying $170 to your righteous asses to process fucking paperwork!

P.S. security, no, I've never been to court before. I didn't know that I couldn't bring a gatorade when there's a heat advisory in effect for the county, no need to be a piece of shit about it. Throw it out? No, we can't even have a sip before we throw it out? Maybe if you had an actual parking lot instead of 10 spaces, at a COURT HOUSE, and I didn't have to walk 6 blocks to get here, it wouldn't be such a big issue. But with a heat index of 107 with 97% humidity? eat my asshole.

TL;DR Court house gives no time, and the incorrect address, but still expects those with hearings to show up "on time" at the correct address.
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