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give me my cigarettes |:

Recently legislation to ban Light/Medium/Mild/Low-Tar/etc from cigarette packs (edit: in the US only, pretty sure) went into effect. Rather than being referred to as light, medium, mild, etc, different styles of cigarettes are now "color coded."

Light cigarettes are gold, ultralights are silver, etc. I think, anyway -- I'm not sure on the specifics of how each company is handling it. Some of them released "If you used to smoke x, ask for y now" guides but I didn't pay much attention to the hullabaloo because I don't smoke the affected cigarette types. But all of this is clearly because we smokers are just so stupid and we don't realize smoking = bad no matter the type of cigarette.

But anyway, this is a relatively new law, so I don't expect that every employee of every little corner store I frequent will be completely comfortable with it yet. That's fine. I do, however, take issue with argument.

I asked for my usual brand, and the employee went to grab the cigarettes for me. Except, the pack was colored differently than my usual brand and more like the new gold/silver styles, which made me suspicious. Though I didn't see the word silver or gold on the pack itself, I didn't actually get as far as holding the pack in my hand and my eyesight is pretty much useless for anything more than three feet in front of my face.

I don't definitively know that they were light cigarettes -- maybe they did change the coloring on the regular packaging, too (in which case I'll be annoyed, since they appear virtually the same as Silver/Gold packs and I might buy the wrong one in the future and not realize until it's far too late, but that's another rant in itself). As far as I know, the new laws only changed so-called "light" cigarettes, not "full flavored" cigarettes, which is what I smoke, so I expect my packaging to stay the same, yeah? I've also actually seen the gold/silver/etc packs in other stores for a few weeks at least now, whereas my particular style of cigarette's packaging has stayed the same. Added that my friend bought a pack thinking they were a new flavor... well, I'm just not interested in taking the risk that these cigarettes were somehow different from the ones I normally smoke, not for $7/pack, anyway.

I told her I didn't want that style because they might be lights and that I would prefer this other brand because they're fine too. Simple, yes? Apparently not; I should have just said "oh wait nevermind" and requested the other brand without saying anything else.

She wasn't extremely rude or anything about it, but she did try to convince me for a good minute that the cigarettes she was trying to give me were not light cigarettes because they didn't say light on them. I kind of didn't want to get into the silver/gold thing and the new laws -- I was close to being late and I didn't have the time. Eventually she was just basically "omg ur crazy i give up" (obviously she didn't say that to me or I'd actually be angry. XD That was just what her body language indicated to me, anyway).

In the end, she gave me the second choice of brand anyway, but I don't see why it needed to be a big production. It doesn't matter if I arbitrarily decide to purchase a different brand or I decide to purchase a different brand based on faulty reasoning or if I decide to purchase a different brand based on the current price of eggs in a remote mountain market somewhere in northeastern Russia. Just give me what I want and we can all move on with our lives, yeah? :P
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