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the letter i am sending to the army hospitals complaint department:

I have a complaint on Dr. Bill. The first time I had to use the ER was when my tongue had swollen up and it was hard for me to swallow. I waited about 4 hours to be seen, in that time my tongue had went down. Dr. Bill came in and didn't spend more than 2 minutes with me. He said he couldn't see anything, then very rudely stated "It's all in your head" as he walked out the door. I felt completely dismissed and he made me feel like I shouldn't have come to the ER.

My next encounter with Dr. Bill was when I had gone to the ER for having a reaction to a cheap heartburn medicine I had bought and used for the first time. I arrived around 8:45pm on July 1st, 2010 after I had already called 911 from my home and was told they could only take me to the nearest hospital instead of Army Hospital. They told me it seemed as if I was experiencing a side effect of the medication and suggested my husband drive me to Army Hospital. The symptoms I was having was it felt like I was on fire underneath my skin, which started at my neck and shoulders and would ripple out through the rest of my body. My throat had felt like I breathed in something with menthol which also effected my nose and eyes. When I arrived at Army Hospital, an employee noticed that I was itching a little bit and he said it looked like I was starting to get hives. I was set in a wheelchair where I waited roughly 2 hours to be taken back. I have no problem with the waiting time because I was set near the desk where they could keep an eye on me, so if anything happened they would be able to respond quickly.

When I got to the room they set me in, I gave a urine sample and got undressed to put the gown on. After over 2 hours of waiting, Dr. Bill finally came in. Right away he asked me what was going on. While trying to explain things to him he kept interrupting me, he did this throughout the entire encounter. I would get no more than two words out before he would interrupt. He also told me over a dozen times "you're not having an allergic reaction". One time he said it about 4 times in a row in condescending tone. Another time, after he had already said it a few times, he gripped my left shoulder (unwanted touching) and put his face up to my ear (I could feel his hot breath) and said it once in a mean and annoyed tone. I never tried to argue his theory and I never once mentioned "allergic reaction", I thought what I was having was a side effect but wanted it checked out.

What little I did try to get out to explain to him what was going on, he had a look on his face like he didn't care what I was saying and kept saying "mmhmm" and "uh huh" very dismissively. He told me I was having a panic attack and he just diagnosed 5 other people with panic attacks that night. There was nothing wrong with my breathing and I have had a panic attack before which is why I am on Celexa. I asked if feeling like I was on fire under my skin is a symptom for a panic attack. Instead of answering directly, he said "there are lots of symptoms for panic attacks". I asked "But is feeling like I'm on fire a symptom?". Before I could even finish he repeated himself. He never confirmed if it was a symptom.

I was mostly quiet in this visit because he made me feel that no matter what I said he was just going to dismiss and interrupt me, which he did several times. I mainly just nodded and said "okay" in a quiet voice. I told him about the employee who had noticed I was itching and noticed I might be getting hives. Dr. Bill raised his voice and stepped towards me and said "You're not having an allergic reaction! I am a doctor, and what I say it the only thing that matters! If any other person or doctor tells you anything different than what I've told you, I want you to tell me because I will personally go an shoot them!" At this point I feared for my own life but was afraid to call for help. It was very hard for me not to cry. He was in no way joking around. I just kept quiet in hopes he would be gone soon.

He stated he didn't have time to explain things to me but will do it anyways. He asked me if I knew where my heart was, so I pointed to my chest a little bit above my breasts. He then grabbed my hand and placed it on my left breast while making a fist, and then put my hand between my breasts and said that is where another organ is. I did not need him to tell me anything about heartburn as I told him I always had taken Prilosec OTC for it, but I saw a cheaper brand of heartburn medication and decided to try it.

He then said that he would get me out shortly and left the room. A few minutes later he popped back in and said he'd write a prescription for Prilosec. I quietly said "okay". He mocked me, saying it back in a rude tone as he walked back out. It was extremely hard for me not to cry, but I didn't want to show my emotions. After a male nurse released me, I went to the desk and asked what to do if I wanted to complain about a doctors attitude. He handed me a form. I did not go up to the 4th floor to get the Prilosec because the last thing I wanted was to stay there a moment longer. My husband had spent the entire time out in our car to let our 2yr old sleep since he was not allowed to go to the back with me. As soon as I stepped out of the building, I broke down and cried. I was shaking from all that he had done. I almost never cry about anything, but all of what Dr. Bill did and said severely effected me. I'd be surprised if he didn't treat other people this.

I want some course of action taken against him. If I was having a panic attack, his actions and words would amplify my anxiety but I remained calm. I am more than willing to attend any hearings or go in front of any boards with or without Dr. Bill presence. As long as other people are there I will feel safe to speak out. If I don't hear anything back within 30 days, I will take my own legal actions. The last thing I wanted was to have to go to the ER because my daughter had went to sleep early and it was my husband and I's anniversary.
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