robertr4836 (robertr4836) wrote in bad_service,

You WILL cancel my insurance!

This is probably my favorite "bad service" story from way in the past when I was a really bad driver.

I was paying $2000/year for car insurance but lucky me I was going to get an exclusion that would drop my insurance to $800/year because I had been a good boy for three years in a row!

Then I got the bill from my insurance company for $2000...

So I went down to the insurance agents office (which happened to be next to the DMV) to correct the mistake in the bill.

The woman at the counter went through the file and told me that they go buy court dates not incident dates so I actually missed the three year window buy a week or two. I said fine, so charge me the higher rate for a week and drop it down to the appropriate rate. She went to get the manager.

Me: Me
Manager: You WILL turn in your plate!

Manager: I'm sorry sir but that's not the way we work. You have to pay the $2000 and then next year your rate will be $800.
Me: I don't think so (getting mad)
Manager: That's all we can do.
Me: Fine. Close the account and I will take my business elsewhere.
Manager: You have to turn your plate in to the DMV and bring back the slip before I can close your account.
Me: I'm not changing license plates I'm changing insurers (I still had my original plates through three cars and two different insurance agents).
Manager: I can't close your account unless you turn in the plates!

Basically things just went downhill from here with me eventually screaming at him to CLOSE MY ACCOUNT and him screaming at me NOT UNTIL YOU TURN IN YOUR PLATE.

Then I realized what I had been holding in my hand the whole time. My blood pressure dropped back down to normal. My breathing returned to normal. A big smile appeared on my face.

The manager sputtered on for another minute before he realized I wasn't arguing with him anymore.

Me: Do you see this bill (holding it up)? I'm not going to pay it. In about three weeks I will get another bill only this time it will be on yellow paper with severe warnings about how I need to make a payment by a certain date. In a few more weeks I will get a notice that my insurance has been canceled due to lack of payment.

I walked out and found a new insurance agent that day. I kept the same plates for the next fifteen years until I moved out of state.

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