Angel of Night (kimerastorm) wrote in bad_service,
Angel of Night

Subways Suck

I love to eat at subways for lunch. My favorite sandwich is the new orchard chicken salad on a wrap, with some veggies. Its simple and tasty, and having a wrap makes it easier to eat on the run, and its a really simple sandwich for the 'artists' to make. Unfortunately they seem to be trying to make it harder on themselves.

Monday, the first day of my new schedule, I go to the Coney Island Subway for lunch, and order my sandwich.

Me: Hi there!
Artist: The sandwich maker

Artist: What would you like today?
Me: Chicken Salad as a wrap please.
Artist: Would you like it toasted?
Me: No thank you.

Artist: I have to toast this.
Me: Ummm ok?

*Artist proceeds to take the sandwich wrap and put it into the subway toasting oven, after about a minuite (probably less) he takes it out. The wrap is all bubbly, which he tries to correct by stabbing the bread bubbles with his sandwich making knife. This results in his getting hit at least twice with the steam from the punctured bubbles.*

After putting on the appropiate vegetables and verifying that I do not want any type of dressing on my sandwich, he attempts to roll up the wrap. Only the bread wont bend. Having been toasted, it is now stiff like cardboard or cheap plastic. He takes out a fresh wrap, and starts to put that in the oven.

Me: Please dont toast this one.
Artist: My boss insists that all the wraps have to be toasted.
Me: *getting annoyed since a good portion of my lunch break is over* Look not to be a bitch, but your boss isnt paying for my meal here. Besides look what just happened, you got burned and the wrap you did toast isnt even useable. Please just make my sandwich the way I asked for.

Artist: *Scrapes my food off the ruined wrap and dumps it on the fresh one. Folds the wrap around the contents and takes it to the counter so I can buy my meal.* You know other people get mad at me because I am not allowed to toast things like mayonaise.

Me: Makes sense you wouldnt be allowed to toast mayo, but thats different. Toasting the wrap made it useless.

Artist: *Finishes making the sale*

-END Script-

Now if anyone wants to call bullshit on my being as polite as I was, remember that I work for NYC Transit, and was in full uniform at a resturant partonized by my customers. Basically that means I have to stay in customer service mode as long as I am in uniform/on the clock.

TL:DR Sandwich artist refuses to make sandwich to customer order. Ruins sandwich bread, and more importantly hurts himself in the process, then tries to duplicate his mistake. Customer insists he make sandwich to order second time around.
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