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Cup Cake Catastrophe

Since I doubt this lady will report this here, I'll do it for her. This has a part co-worker suck to it too.

At work today I was told a lady was coming in to pick up a 30 large cup cake order. No biggie. I see it on the shelf, note the name and time and then get on with helping other customers.

When the lady comes in, she is first kind of off put. She had asked for the 30 cup cakes to be placed in smaller boxes, since she had to fit them all in her fridge. Instead they are all cramped together in one LARGE box. I tell her I can get her some smaller boxes and then find that we are OUT. I apologize, but I had no knowledge before hand that she wanted them in smaller boxes. (Slight manager suck or our wholesale place that gave us just cardboard pads, not boxes). There is no note on her order about this, so she takes her large box, pays and goes on her way. I gave her some smaller boxes, but they weren't high enough.

She calls back 30 minutes later FURIOUS. ALL her cupcakes are smashed up and she can't use any of them. She's now out $48 and her son's sport team now doesn't have any cup cakes. She's mad that someone put them in the box so carelessly and that they didn't put them in smaller boxes. I apologize, but since my manger is out of town, I can't do anything at that moment. I could only take her name, number, and her complaint. I hope one of my co-workers tomorrow calls up our manager to ask what can be done.

I'd be pissed off too! If we were out of smaller boxes, we could have used cake boxes. We had them. Yes, they were flimsier, but they had the height required (wish I had thought of that before but the damage had been done). Instead, one of my co-workers tried to cram 30 large cup cakes into a box and then shut the top down on all them. Way to go.
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