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AAA Insurance Suck

In 2008 I moved from Chicago to Austin and switched my auto insurance to AAA because they offered cheaper coverage for my new address.

Setting up coverage went smoothly, my husband and I met with a really nice agent who answered all our questions and we were good to go.

At the end of 2008 my husband and I separated. There's a law in Texas that if you're married your spouse has to be on your auto insurance, so my husband continued to be covered on the insurance policy after he'd moved out. In April 2009 I started receiving renewal paperwork. I called the agent I'd set my policy up with in 2008 and found that he wasn't with the company anymore. I spoke to his replacement and explained that I'd filed for divorce, it was going to be finalized at the beginning of June, and I would like to renew the policy in my name only. He assured me that as long as I came in before the renewal date we could do the switch, and he'd put a note in the system that there were special circumstances.

I started receiving letters from AAA saying that they were canceling my coverage since I refused to send back the renewal paperwork. I spoke to my agent again, he confirmed that there was a note in the system.

The day after our divorce was finalized I went to the AAA office with my divorce paperwork stating that I was freshly de-husbanded, I had returned to my maiden name, and I owned the car. The agent made copies of all of this, and as I received other information I brought that to him too: my new driver's license in my maiden name, my car title in my maiden name only, etc.

The paperwork concerning the new policy was addressed to Exhusband & Melanctha Marriedname. The post office kept forwarding it to ex husband's new address. Fortunately, our divorce was ridonkulously amicable, so kept my mail and would pass it on when he could. Even with an amicable divorce, it was upsetting seeing things addressed to the two of us when I was trying my hardest to move on.

I kept calling them to ask if they could remove his name from the policy. I would be transferred two or three times per call, then dropped. I finally spoke to a manager who gave me a fax number and had me fax over my divorce papers (again) and she removed his name. The policy was still under Melanctha Marriedname.

At the end of 2009 I moved. I brought my new lease down to the AAA office and asked to have my name and address changed. I was assured that it had been done, but mail kept coming to Melanctha Marriedname at Old Apartment. I called them up and changed my address no less than ten times. Each time I asked for the name of the person I'd spoken to, but the next time I called that person would no longer work for the company.

I started to get really worried about what would happen if I ever had to file a claim with AAA, since they didn't seem to know who they were insuring and where that person lived.

I surveyed friends about their auto insurance, got quotes, and set up a policy with a new company at the beginning of this month. I called AAA to tell them that I was canceling my policy, the woman I spoke to said that I needed to make my request in writing and provided a fax number to send the request to.

I wrote a letter straight away and faxed it over, putting my phone number on the cover sheet and asking them to call and confirm receipt. No one called me, so the next day I called them. I kept getting transferred around again until FINALLY I got someone in the renter's insurance department (I also had a renter's policy through them) who offered to stay on the line until she had received the fax. She came back and assured me that the fax was received and my policy would be canceled. In my letter I wrote that any remaining funds needed to be sent to me at My New Address and attached (another!) copy of my driver's license with my new name and new address. I confirmed with the lady on the phone that the address was different and she assured me that the address that was in the system was my new address.

That was June 10th. I received a late notice for my June premium, sent out on the 14th. I called and confirmed that my policy was canceled and the billing department assured me that a refund check had been sent out the day before and I could ignore the late notice. I finally received that check yesterday. The delay was because - you guessed it - it was addressed to my former name at my former address.
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