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Baskin Robin's fails

Today, after lunch out with a friend, we decided to go get ice cream for dessert. When we got there, there was one gentleman, and his order was near complete.

So the girl comes over and we place our order, A 2 scoop cone for my friend and a Reeses Peanut butter sundae for me. That's supposed to have peanut butter sauce, 3 scoops of reeses peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter cups chopped up and scattered through, Hot fudge and whipped cream. The girl took the parfait cup and tried to squeeze the peanut butter sauce into the glass, and then handed it over to her manager, telling him that the ice cream was too hard for her to scoop. o.O

As soon as he took the sauce the phone rang, He answered the call, and didn't bother to squeeze any of the peanut butter stuff into the cup at all, he proceeded to scoop in an anemic scoop of ice cream, then a few bits of the peanut butter cups, and another scoop of ice cream, and topped it all off with whipped cream. All the while, his back was to me, he was handling a private conversation, after a bit of time, he finally said "Dude, I'll have to call you back, I'm busy here." When that didn't work he tried again, and I guess, his friend finally relented, and he hung up.

At this point, he turned and handed the "sundae" to me, I arched a brow at him and shook my head. "Um, this is supposed to come with Hot fudge?" He looked at me quizzically and said. "oh you want hot fudge with this?" I pointed to their menu board and nodded. "It's supposed to come with it." so he begrudgingly went over to the hot fudge fountain and poured a very small amount on the top, just enough to say there was some on there, and handed it back to me. I asked him to put some in a small cup and he looked like for a moment that he was going to balk, but then finally gave me about a tablespoon in a sample cup and I walked away.

When I was eating this.. "sundae" I realized why this was hard to scoop for the young girl. It was re-frozen. There were ice crystals through the whole thing, making it not creamy in the least. I didn't eat but maybe 1/4 of the thing. I ended up getting the Manager's name, and filling out the customer loyalty thing on line. When getting his name, he knew that I was probably not leaving the happiest customer.
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