You should not be here. (invaderscythe) wrote in bad_service,
You should not be here.

Just let me talk, ok?

This weekend, my boyfriend and our friends went down to Cedar Point and on the way back, we stopped to buy some fireworks at Phantom Fireworks because we're from Michigan and they are technically illegal in our state and a lot of people buy fireworks in Ohio (but that law is trying to be changed). My dad has been there a few times before so we got a catalog in the mail a few weeks back and we picked out what we wanted and I wrote down the items, simple right? Wrong.

My boyfriend and I go inside and they ask us to do some paperwork, standard stuff. She mentions a 99 cent sale which I honestly didn't pay much attention to cause I had a list. We found everything with little problem but the issue came up when we went to pay.

Immediately I'm greeted by three girls; a cashier, a bagger, and a manager. Right away the manager rolls her eyes and says "you didn't follow the sale!". I'm confused at what she meant, but she meant the 99 cent sale (according to the sale, let's say you have a pack of roman candles for $8.99 and all you need is another roman candle pack and as long as it's the same price of $8.99, it's 99 cents). I wasn't aware of the sale besides the girl mentioning it when we did the paperwork and told the manager I already wrote a list out so I just planned on getting this stuff. The cashier tells me the total of something over a hundred dollars which was way more than I intended on spending so I just tell them I want to take some stuff off. As I try to get some items taken off, the manager continues to interrupt me saying I didn't listen to the sale. Again, I say I wrote out a list, I'm out of state, and just say I'm not interested in this sale and I just want some things taken off.

She continues to not listen to what I'm saying and starts giving me the 99 cent sale when I already told her I'm not interested. While I'm grateful she was nice enough to do this for me, she didn't listen in saying I'm NOT interested in the sale. After we take off some items and she gives me some of the 99 cent sale, we managed to total out at about $55, more of what I wanted to spend. After we finish she huffs and puffs saying "next time we can't do this for you because we lose money this way, so don't expect this next time".

Overall while I'm not complaining that she gave me some of the 99 cent sale, she didn't listen to anything I said and was pretty rude overall about the whole thing, assuming I knew so much about this sale. I don't plan on going back to this store because of her attitude.

By the way, it's the store on OH-2 on Jerusalem Road near Curtice in Ohio if anyone has been there before.
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