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Hilariously bad service turned good.

The Chevy's story reminded me of a very similar experience some friends and I had at Applebees while on vacation.

Now granted, we were a big group but we weren't being difficult at all. It was myself, my then boyfriend, our friend K and her 3 yr old son A and her fiance J, and K's parents G and D. Our waiter comes over, takes our drink orders, and  away he goes.

He comes back with the drinks in a timely enough manner... but hands everyone the wrong drink. After he leaves we all pass the drinks around till we get the correct drinks and are set. He came back for our entree orders, which were quite simple. And chicken pasta for me, a bacon cheeseburger for the BF, G and J, Chicken fingers for A, classic buffalo wings for  K and a salad for D. K also requested a side of french fries.

After about 20 minutes of waiting (which we were okay with since we were a large group) out comes:
-the salad
-my pasta
-chicken fingers
-1 bacon cheese burger
-1 bacon HAMburger
-1 random burger with onions, tomatoes, no cheese, no bacon
-sweet & spicy wings
-no fries.

We inform the waiter of the wrong items and he takes them back, apologizing. Okay.. no problem..mistakes happen and we get the feeling this guy is new or just having a bad day. After a few minutes out come the correct burgers, HOT wings, and a strange little bowl of fries with what appears to be a pool of seasoned oil in the bottom. Now this is where K begins to get frustrated. All she wants is to be able to eat and has yet to do so. Again, we inform our waiter of the problem. He doesnt take back the fries, but does replace the wings with....Honey wings. (insert facepalm here).

G (K's father) looks around for our waiter, and of course he is no where to be found. He stops another waitress and requests the manager. He comes over, very polite and professional and asks what he can help us with. G explains what has happened, and tells the manager we aren't looking to be a problem or get anyone in trouble, but that after the 2nd time, the wings SHOULD be correct. Manager agrees, asks K what she would like and says he will bring them to her himself. A few minutes pass and out come NORMAL fries and the correct wings.

All is good and fine, and we are just kinda laughing at  K now and her unfortunate wing experience. Our waiter comes, clears our plates, and.....doesn't come back. Wth? After 20 minutes we start getting restless. We need to get back to Disney World to get a good spot for the fireworks in Epcot, and waiter is no where to be seen. Boyfriend takes a "walk to the bathroom" and finds our waiter at the register, staring blankly at the screen. As the manager sees my boyfriend return to the cleared table he approaches us and asks if we were waiting on dessert. We told him no, just our check and how long it had been.  The manager rushed off to the register in the corner, and we got to see him tear into the kid, and then return to our table. He told us he would comp our entire meal and hoped we would return again. So off we went, a little behind schedule, but full bellied and still laughing at K's misfortune and how the misfortune was really only targeted on her.

TL&DR: Went to Applebees, waiter messed up drink orders, and burger orders, and after 3 tries still couldn't bring the correct wings to the table. Took him 20 minutes to get the receipt and he still couldn't figure out the register. Manager comped the entire meal...for a table of 7.
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