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Dear Chevy's: Thanks for the laughs!

This particular bad_service was so absurd that we were all in tears laughing about it by the time we all received the food we actually ordered. I have no idea what was going on in the Chevy's kitchen last night, but I assure you it was nothing good.

So we go out for a family dinner at Chevy's. The diners are myself, my husband, my FIL, my MIL, and my SIL. The two boys order mixed grill fajitas.

The three girls ordered a different variant of the fajita tacos:
  • I ordered combination (one chicken taco, one steak taco) fajita tacos with no pico de gallo and refried beans.
  • MIL ordered chicken fajita tacos with black beans.
  • SIL ordered gluten free chicken fajita tacos with black beans.

Fifteen minutes after placing our order or so, a poor young guy that I will refer to as Confused Food Delivery Boy approaches our table and starts to deliver food that is not ours. We tell him that nobody at our table ordered shrimp tacos or enchiladas and he scurries away to find the correct table. He appears to find the correct table and all is well.

Half an hour after placing our order or so (a perfectly reasonable wait time given how busy they were on a Saturday night), Confused Food Delivery Boy reappears with what appears to be the correct order. The boys get their fajitas, and all is well. Then... (cue ominous music) he delivers the three orders of tacos.
  • I got combination fajita tacos with no pico de gallo and black beans. .
  • MIL got combination fajita tacos with refried beans.
  • SIL got... a side of black beans. No tacos to be found anywhere, just a mystery side of black beans. Confused Food Delivery Boy assured her that her tacos were on the way.

MIL points out that she wanted chicken tacos and black beans, and I point out that I wanted refried beans. Confused Food Delivery Boy picks up our plates and switches them. MIL and I o_0 at each other a little and explain that this still does not fix the problem because now my tacos have pico de gallo on them, and MIL still has combination tacos without pico de gallo when she ordered chicken tacos with pico de gallo.  Confused Food Delivery Boy picks up the incorrect plates of tacos and scurries off once more.

To recap at this point: The two boys are happily munching away on their fajitas. The three girls have one mystery side of black beans.

Less than five minutes later, our waitress sets a plate in front of me. It is the combination tacos that were just served to my MIL... with the pico de gallo picked off. There were bits of tomato and onion in the lettuce everywhere. I politely tell the waitress that it appears that the kitchen merely picked off the pico de gallo and that I would prefer to have a new plate made. Our waitress assures me that the kitchen would do no such thing, but that she will have it remade anyway.

Some time later (because honestly, at this point I lost track of time) Confused Food Delivery Boy shows up with... a plate of fajita nachos. We tell him that they are not ours, and a frazzled waitress grabs him and steers him towards the correct table. We all have a good laugh at CFDB's expense (after he was out of earshot), because at this point the food situation is getting quite silly. I swear, the entire time we were there I could spot CFDB wandering around with a homeless food item of some variety. Poor kid.

More time passes, and CFDB arrives with three (yes three!) plates of new tacos.
  • I got combination tacos with no pico de gallo and refried beans. Yay!
  • MIL got combination tacos with black beans. AGAIN.  Boo!
  • SIL got her gluten free tacos, but the sauce that comes on the tacos and the cornbread were missing. We have eaten there before, so we know that both the sauce and the cornbread are usually included with the gluten free tacos. However, the way the evening had been going so far she opted to just eat her meal as it was.  Boo! I should also note that there were black beans ON her plate, so we never really did figure out where the mystery side of black beans came from.

CFBD scurried away before my MIL could let him know that her tacos were still incorrect. We are all having a good belly laugh at this completely ridiculous situation when our waitress comes back to check on our newly delivered tacos. When MIL told our waitress that her food was still incorrect,  I thought our waitress might have a meltdown right then and there. She apologizes profusely, promises to send over a manager, and takes off with the offending plate of tacos.

At this point, my husband and FIL have long been finished with their fajitas. When SIL and I are about halfway through our entrees the manager arrives with a plate of chicken fajita tacos with black beans. Success! She also apologizes, and tells us that she will remove MIL's entree from the bill.

We arrived at Chevy's at 6:30pm. We left Chevy's at 7:50pm. Honestly the entire thing was so amusing to us, we wouldn't have even noticed how long we were there if SIL's fiance wouldn't have sent her a text message wondering why on earth dinner was taking us so long.

Quick Version: In what appears to be some sort of haphazard comedic sketch, Chevy's repeatedly delivers food that is either almost-but-not-quite right, or completely not ours at all to our table. Our table proceeds to traumatize a young food delivery guy. The manager comps one entree for our troubles and an hour and twenty minutes after arriving we finally leave Chevy's with bellies that are full of deliciousness and that ache from laughing so hard at the ridiculous service we received.
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