rainbowchicken (rainbowchicken) wrote in bad_service,

Hi. Been reading & commenting for a while & finally decided to join.

ladybug4789's entry just reminded me of something that happened many years ago.

Shortly after I started dating my now-husband, we went back to Chapel Hill to visit my old roommates & see the Indigo Girls in concert. We knew it was standing room only, so we wanted to get there early. So we went to dinner two hours before the concert, to give us plenty of time. We decided to try a comparatively new place right down the street from the concert. The place was pretty dead, unusual for a college town on a Friday night when the students had just started class. We were seated promptly & our order taken. No problem so far. A few more people came in & were seated. We talked, got to know each other's boyfriends (they both had new ones too) & generally had a good time. Thirty minutes passed, no food, no waiter. So we finally flagged somebody down, they said they'd look into it. AN HOUR after we ordered, our food came. We only ordered sandwiches and fries, for crying out loud! So we ate quickly & got up to leave. Got to the register & lo and behold, they had no quarters. Our change was in nickels, dimes & pennies. Sheesh! No wonder a restaurant & bar was almost empty on a Friday night in a college town! And yes, the place was in walking distance from campus.

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