ash (wolfbane) wrote in bad_service,

Delivery drivers not getting their tips.

I've gotten dinner delivered from a local Thai restaurant a couple times now. Each time I haven't had any cash on me, so have paid with my credit card and written in a tip on the slip the delivery person gives me to sign. The last two times I saw on my online bank information that my tip never went through - I was just charged for the food.

This isn't really bad service for me, but it's certainly crappy for the people who are delivering my food to me and getting stiffed. I'm not going to order from them now unless I have cash to tip their delivery drivers, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has tried to add a tip onto my credit card. I would call and talk to them about it but they don't speak very much English and anytime I've tried to ask them anything aside from the normal ordering process they've gotten confused.

What would you recommend doing here?
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