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New member! I found this group through customers_suck.

Dear crappy waitresses at Max's Cafe,

My friends and I ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, but we like your dessert menu better, so we decided to walk across the mall to go to your place for dessert even though it's significantly more expensive.

Your restaurant was not crowded at all, but we waited about ten minutes to beseated. We ordered: a cheesecake mousse torte, a dish of chocolate icecream, and a piece of cake.

Forty-five minutes later (still, your restaurant was not crowded) we received the ice cream, the torte, and the wrong type of cake.

Ten minutes later, the right cake arrived.

When we finished we put out napkins and silverware on our plates, clearly indicating we were done. It took at least fifteen minutes for them to come with the receipt, take our money, and come back with the change so we could leave!

I was thoroughly pissed by this time. I would have left no tip (I usually leave 15-25%) but my friend felt guilty insisted on leaving 15%.

Even if the restaurant was packed this would have been unacceptable - we were only there for dessert! But the restaurant was nearly empty, and lots of other people got their food before us. How difficult is it to scoop some ice cream and slice some cake?! I hate when places think it's okay to ignore a group of teenagers, no matter how well-behaved they are.

EDIT: This happened about two years ago, but I think it's a pretty good example of bad_service.

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