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Would it kill you to smile?

Firstly, I'd like to make the point that this was more of a WTF moment, but it annoyed me.

Today I discovered that I'd only managed to obtain two pairs of shorts for the entire summer and realized I'd need to buy another pair. I decided on the local Salvation Army, because I thought it would be easier on my wallet.

The first time I went in, there was one lady working the cash, and two or three other people in the back. The cashier had just finished cashing out someone, and then walked into the back, leaving the entire store unsupervised. I browsed the racks, made my selection, and went to pay. I had ten minutes before the end of break, and thought for sure I'd be able to make it (I work literally across the parking lot). As it turns out... not so much.

Script numero uno!

At this point, I was waiting behind two other ladies who had a pile of clothing and other items.
Lady 1: Hmm, I wonder where everyone is?
Lady 2: I saw her go into the back, but she hasn't come out yet...
I waited for a few more moments, and then noticed a bell that said "Please ring for service."
Bell: Ding!
L1: Oh, there's a bell! Thanks, dear!
Me: *Smile* No problem.
We waited for maybe another 3-4 minutes, with no cashier or any other store-person in sight, so I realized I'd have to come back after work. Cool, no big deal, it was my fault for waiting so late in my break. As I left, the ladies rang the bell twice more, and there was still nobody in sight.

I returned later on in the evening, about half an hour before they closed. This time, there was one lady working cash, but they'd added a second person in as backup.

Script two!
Me: *Waiting in line behind another lady, thinking* Gee, this is taking a while... *Notices girl on the other side of the register* Huh, maybe I'm in the wrong line. Well, I was here first, so I should be okay.
*Second cashier notices the line, and comes over... and helps the girl on the other side. I boggle, then shrug, and get behind the girl, as the initial customer is still having her things packed.*
Second cashier (SC): *Rings girl through, then looks up at me and waves me forward. She motions for me to give her my shorts, then rings them through, cutting off the tag then throwing them back on the counter.* $1.99.
*I get my money out of my wallet... only to have SC nearly yank it out of my hand. She makes the change and dumps it into my hand, and then bags my stuff, then practically throws the bag at me. Throughout this entire exchange, she has not greeted me or said anything else. She's communicated solely through grouchy looks and hand gestures.*
Me: o.O *Hightails it out of there*

I'm not sure what the problem was, but it annoyed me that both times I went I had some sort of problem. The first one I can understand, hey, maybe she went to the washroom or something, and nobody could cover her, but the second lady was just rude.

Tl:dr I go to purchase shorts, and both times do not have a pleasant experience.

Hope that was okay! I tend to write in an overly flowery style sometimes... :S
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