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Car woes...

I seem to attract hideous bad luck to my cars. I had to replace the muffler, battery and a part of the starter and some other little things on my first one. Now my newer one is plegh too...

So back on Dec 29th 2009 we bought me a new car, (by we I mean my gramma and I) because my other one was becoming a huge pain in the ass in the cold. So I settled for a really nice 1995 Chevy Blazer and only had one minor problem that the dealer fixed immediately. This was good because we paid $6000 in full to the dealership, got some sort of warranty on it saying that no matter WHAT happened to the car (short of yanno being completely TOTALED beyond repair) the car would be taken care of, fixed and paid for and we didn't have to pay a dime. This was a great deal and it worked out well for us.

Unfortunately this past weekend my car broke down about 80 miles from home, on the freeway, leaving Reno. Thank god I was able to pull over and get someone back to help me, but after toying with things we had no oil pressure, a bad squeak and heavy overheating just being turned on. I had coolant, I had oil, pretty much all my liquids and obvious things were okay. We ended up having to have it towed back into Reno for the weekend and on Monday a friend of the family brought it home.

Today has been crazy with the news. We got a call this morning saying the company wouldn't pay for shit and shouldn't have to regardless of the contract we have with them or not. Well fuck that. My grandpa got sort of C_S on the airport dealer after hearing this and even had them threaten to call the cops (thank god they didn't) but somehow we ended up making a deal after he calmed down again and we talked about things. The dealership wasn't happy to hear the company didn't want to pay for it and were willing to foot the bill because of this hell. The mechanic is a family friend and cut the labor cost in half to get it all fixed. Found out its a broken/worn bearing in the engine and its killing everything. This was all sudden and with no visible signs until we were trying to come home Saturday afternoon.

So at least my car is getting fixed, but we're still all really pissed about the fact that the warranty we were sold isn't doing shit for the sake of my poor car. I couldn't tell you the name or anything, but it essentially states what I said above. They would fix it at no cost to us, so long as a liscensed dealer or mechanic fixed it which is why I didn't have my friend's dad take a look this time like he usually does for me.

So it's been a hell of a week trying to get to and from work without a car....
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