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First Post

This is my first post here but I doubt it will be my last. I stumbled onto Customers_Suck a while back and I posted this there. Someone pointed out that it should be here (Yay...I think this means I DIDN'T suck). I will have to thank them because I think this place is going to be interesting!

Bad Waitress! You made me break my lifetime policy of good tipping...

Robertr4836 sucks and I don't care!
Robertr4836 sucks and I don't care... (to the Jimmy Crack Corn tune!).

My first job was at a restaurant and I don't think I have EVER left less than a 15% tip on a bill (usually 20% to 25%) until today...when I left a 75 cent tip on a $20.00 bill.

Me: Me
GF: My sweet girlfriend
W: The waitress who just didn't care

GF came by work today so I took her out for lunch. We wanted to try a new restaurant so we went to one that my co-worker said had "great" prime rib.

The service was really slow and it wasn't very busy but that's OK. The people that came in after us are on coffee and desert before we get our meals but that's OK (GF ordered baked haddock and I ordered prime rib so, no, it wasn't because of a complicated order).

Me: Is the prime rib rare? (I only like rare prime rib...if it's not rare then no problem I'll order something else).
W: Yes! It's VERY rare today! (not just yes but an ENTHUSIASTIC yes!)

After about twenty minutes we get our salads. I can only eat half of it because it's sitting in a bowl of bad; I always forget to get the dressing on the side.

An hour after we walked into the place we get our lunch.
W: I'm sorry but that's the rarest piece we have.
Me: (This thing is medium well at best. I cut into it in the hope of finding some pink somewhere, NOPE!) I'm really sorry but I can't eat this.
W: I'm sorry; can I get you something else?
Me: I'm afraid I can't, I have to get back to work soon.
W: (Takes overcooked cow flesh away)
GF: Is she going to charge you for that?
Me: No. She wouldn't have taken it away if she were. (Already thinking, have to add $10.00 to the bill when I figure the 20% tip)
GF: (Eats her baked haddock) This is really dry!

W: (Hands me the check) I took the prime rib off and added a garden salad.
Me: OK. (WTF?)
GF: How much is it?
Me: $20.00 with the $3.25 salad added.
GF: That can't be right. My fish was less than $10.00.
Me: Well, she also charged us for refills on the soda so with the tax it comes out right.

So on the top of the charge slip I wrote the total X 20% = $4.00 - $3.25 = 75 cents and put 75 cents down as the tip.

If you had said, "I'm sorry but my manager made me add a salad" you would have received a decent tip. Instead you gave me an evil grin like you were putting one over on me and what was I going to do about it.

For those of you who really feel I suck you will be happy to know that there was instant Karma. I stopped at McD's on the way back to work and got a grilled chicken meal. At work, while telling my co-worker what I thought of his restaurant selection, I realized they hadn't put the fries in the bag!

Not my day for eating out I guess!
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