Mary (spacecadet0) wrote in bad_service,

Pay attention to me, Taco Bell!

Fail post here, so now it's under a cut.

I went with a friend to Taco Bell because we wanted some cheesy gordita crunches and baja blasts. We went inside, and my friend got in line before me, ordered and got her food. All was well. I stepped up to the counter to order and was promptly ignored.

The girl behind the counter  immediately turned to another employee standing next to her and started chatting. I didn't say anything, because I don't like confrontation and I figured she would get to me in a second. Except she didn't. They just kept talking and I just kept standing there. Then, another girl who apparently worked there walked in, went in front of me in line (?!?!) and ordered some food! They took her order and gave her the food and just kept chatting. About five to seven minutes has passed at this point. I keep waiting. They keep talking.

An older woman walks up to the counter and orders a drink. She cut in front of me, but I'm not going to say anything because she's an old lady. After she orders, she turns around and looks surprised. She apologizes for cutting me in line, but I tell her it's fine. The girl behind the register finally notices me and asks me if I need something. I politely inform her that I want to order and she tells me that she thought I had already ordered. Are you serious? I've been standing there the entire time! Only a couple of feet a way from her! She has been standing there since my friend ordered and has not moved once! I'm happy enough to get my food, so I don't say anything.

By the time I sit down, my friend has already finished eating and is pissed that I let two people cut me in line and the staff blatantly ignore me. It's weird because I've never had bad service in the drive-thru. I won't be going back inside again, though.

Edit for clarification:
1) I wasn't standing three feet away from the counter. There was pretty much a couple feet between us, including the counter. I was standing right in front of the register the entire time. Also the people who cut in front of me both were standing next to me, not literally in front of me. Should have made that a little clearer.
2) Yeah, I know I should have spoken up. I have an anxiety disorder and I can clam up and refuse to say things at pretty dumb times. I'm not pissed about the situation because it would have been over in 2 seconds if I had said something. More of a wtf.

But yeah, you guys are basically saying that same thing my friend said when I sat down. She was pissed that I just waited there, lol.
Tags: beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, seriously. considering. mentioning., small scared animal, someone needs a hug, standing like a lemon, you gotta speak up
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