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I'm trying to go back to school. Unfortunately, the school I want to transfer to has some really weird requirements for transfers, once of which is a "critical thinking" course. Nothing I took at my university really fits their definition of "critical thinking course" so they told me of a few classes at the community college that would fit.

I decided to take that class in the fall, so I can transfer into the University this spring. I looked all around their website for any information about registration. I couldn't find any "registration starts on this date" or "deadline for registration is on this date." In fact, I couldn't find anything even remotely current. The last course schedule was from spring 2003. (And this was September 2004.) I looked at their online application and it wouldn't allow me to register, so I figured they weren't accepting them yet.

I kept checking periodically and in November, presto, the registration for fall is up. I sign up. I also plan on taking their assessment test, though I'm not sure if I'll need it or not. My belief is that I don't need it, but everybody refuses to answer that question over the phone. They tell me I'll have to come in to see a counselor. I tell them I'm in Colorado (they're in California) and I don't want to go out there to just ask one question. They say too bad.

So I look at their schedule for assessment testing and plan on making a trip out there anyway. However, I need my student ID number to sign up for the tests. They haven't sent one to me.

I call three times within a week and leave three messages about needing my student ID. Nobody calls me back. Finally I call some other random person and get them to transfer me to registration where I finally find a real person. They play "Pass the phone call" and after about an hour I get a guy who says "Oh.. the computer discarded your application."


They're not accepting applications yet.

Never mind that their website says they're accepting applications, they just aren't.


Since I already had a trip planned, we went out there anyway. It made my mom happy and I was able to speak to a counselor. (Yay, I don't have to take their assessment test!)

I went to the registrar and asked when registration for summer courses would be. They shrugged. "Try mid-February or March," they said.


So on March 16th, I register for courses. I want some sign that I've been registered and yet I'm failing to receive said sign. I called last week and spoke to somebody who said to give it another week.

It's now been five weeks since I registered. I have yet to receive anything.

I called again today, got a lot of long delays, and then "I'll have to research this and call you back."

This does not bode well.

I hate this school.


Yay! They managed to figure it out.

I did ask about one paper I need to turn in (fee waiver), noting I was in Colorado, and she asked "Well, do you plan on coming out here?"

Well, yeah, I want to go to school there, don't I?
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