MapDark (mapdark) wrote in bad_service,

Apple fanboy won't listen to my needs.

So I went to Futureshop and went in the laptop section to look up cheap netbooks
since I only want a small internet ready computer at a low price.

I have a very good desktop , so I don't need a powerhouse.

So I,m in the section when the guy in charge f that section comes up to me.

Him : - Hi! can I help you with something?

Me : - Yeah , I'm just looking up cheap netbook computers.

Him: - Well , you know .. netbooks aren't that great , but lemme show you this here! Its the new iPad and..

Me : -hum.. but I'm looking for netbooks .. not the iPad

Him : - But like , the iPad is so much better!

Me: - *rolls eyes* Still doesn't have flash support... anyways I want a NETBOOK , not a slate.

Him : -Flash sucks , it's old and over rated !

Me: - *getting a bit louder at that point* DUDE! Not the point! I want a PC so I can browse the internet without seeing broken plugin icons! and--
*was going to add " do tasks that require low CPU performance like playing very old games like simcity 2000 or stuff like that"*

*the guy cuts me*

Him : - Well websites ARE being remade for the iPad!

At that point I just got tired of it.
I just left and before leaving the store I made an official complaint against the guy.

Seriously , if you can't stop wanking over your fanboyism love objects while I'm trying to buy something from your store
you should find a new job.

And YES , I agree flash can be a bit heavy and rusty , but MANY websites are made in flash and I don,t wanna pay 500$ and not be able to access them.
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