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Cab driver fail

This happened a couple weeks ago but the cab fail posted here a bit ago reminded me I meant to post it. Letter format ahoy!

Dear cabbie,

I realize drivers on the DC Beltway are crazy. I realize they fly along at way above speed limit and like to honk and flip off angrily people who go the speed limit. This is not, however, an excuse for you going 95 MPH when the speed limit is 65. Oh sure, a little over is fine, but 30 mph over speed limit? Not cool.

And when I tell you to slow down, do not smirk at me and tell me you're just 'Keeping up with traffic.' Feel free to play Indy 500 on the Beltway when you're alone in the car, but when I'm paying you to get me from point A to point B safely, I call the shots. So slow the fuck down and quit acting like I'm being a fucking prude for not wanting to die in a fiery ball of doom thanks to your Mario Andretti dreams.

No love,
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