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Worker went postal!

Hi all! Long-time reader, recent community joiner. *waves* I'm hoping spilling my frustration at this situation will help me get over it, since there is really nothing I can do about it anyway.

The set-up:

The house my mother lives at has the same number as that on a street running parallel to it (say she lives at 101 Cauliflower, there is also a 101 Broccoli). Sometimes she gets mail for 101 Broccoli. She lives at 101 Cauliflower. So she and I both thought the correct procedure was to write "please forward" on the envelope and put it in the mailbox to be delivered the next day.

Apparently not.

Now, my mom is a very sweet lady approaching sixty. She'd had the same mailman for years, but recently, he retired. One of the people who took his place.. she told me about this, and I'm absolutely livid.

A few days ago, there was another mis-delivered letter, so Mom of course put the letter back in the box with the usual "please forward". The next day, the mail carrier had a package to carry up to the front door. When Mom opened the door, she was given the package.. and apparently a full-on rant! To paraphrase "How DARE my mother write something like that on the envelope? It's all my MOM'S fault the bitch got in trouble because someone PRESUMED to write on the envelope that it had been delivered wrong! On and on ad nauseum for a good five minutes, subjecting my mother to a diatribe like that for getting her in trouble for.. *gasp*.. screwing up.

Including that we're supposedly just to put it back in the box and she'll re-deliver it correctly.

And get nailed with a "postage due" for being nice people?!? No, thank you!

My Mom was alot nicer in her description of it. "Oh, she must just have been having a bad day. Or maybe PMS. It's okay."

Not okay to me. I'm glad I wasn't there that day, or I would have yelled right back.

As a little aside.. does anyone know what IS the proper procedure for mis-delivered mail?

I feel better now.
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