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Walgreens fail

On Thursday evening, I called Walgreens to have my prescriptions refilled. I got confirmation on both of the prescriptions that they would be filled. Yesterday afternoon I went into pick up said prescriptions. I gave the kid behind the counter my name and he brought back one bag.

Me: I am supposed to have two prescriptions, are they both in the bag?
Him: There is only one in here.
Me: Okay, I should also have a prescription for Claritin.

So, he does some searching and finally turns around and tries to sell me a box of Claritin-D otc.

Me: I'm sorry, I can't take Claritin-D. My prescription is for regular Claritin.
Him: Oh, hang on.

He keeps on searching and then again tries to hand me Claritin-D.

Me: I cannot take Claritin-D. Has my prescription not been filled yet?
Him: *clicks around on computer* Oh, you're out of refills.
Me: Really? I should have a lot more refills left, but my mistake. I'll call my doctor, but I'll just take my one prescription for now.

He rings me up and as a side note, my husband lost his job at the end of April, and we lost our insurance. He has a new job but our new insurance doesn't kick in until July. I informed Walgreens of the change via telephone.

Him: Okay, it's $4.
Me: Is that the right total? We don't have insurance right now.
Him: So, you'd rather pay more?
Me: I don't want to get in trouble for using insurance when I don't have any. Just charge me the retail price.
Him: Whatever.

So I pay for my one prescription and leave. When I get home, I check my bottle and my bottle says refillable until April 28, 2011 which means I have a year's worth prescription. I call the pharmacy and speak to someone and they tell me they will get my prescription filled.

I guess from now on I will take my bottles with me when I go to refill my prescriptions.
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